Gambia: Detained Gambian Imams Released Following Jammeh’s Fall!

The fall of Gambia’s longest serving dictator Yahya Jammeh, has led to the freeing of political prisoners, who have been languishing in jail for years. Imam Sawaneh, and Imam Cherno Gassama, have been released from prison custody. The Imams were arrested and detained for unexplained reasons. Now, they have reunited with their families.

The prisons are virtually empty. Almost all detainees have been set free. Families are rejoicing over the released on their loved ones.

Mr. Jammeh has been ordering for the arrest of Gambians and political opponents. He hardly takes detainees to court. Some were held for years without charges. Some even died under custody.

More detainees are expected to be released. The Spokesman of the new government Halifa Sallah, has called on families whose family members have been detained to come forward to file a complaint with the police, so that they can be released.

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