Gambia: A deranged Yaya Jammeh Inaugurated himself on National TV on 1-10-17

Well, yeah . it seems fair to say that Yaya Jammeh thinks Gambians are that stupid, or at least ignorant to be baited back on the dangerous shores of dictatorship — by using a coded language ( seduced by clever puns) to declare himself the winner of the Elections and in fact, just inaugurated himself on TV. Yaya Jammeh didn’t say it as plainly as he would like, because to do so, he would admit not only that he is in fact a rebel , but that he thinks we are ignorant about our own needs and interests. He indicated repeatedly — that his earlier plea of “nolo contendere” on December 2nd , was as a results of “Arithmetic errors and abnormalities ” at that famous news conference.

This criminal [ all explicit deleted] still want people to believe — systemic failures of marbles and leadership failures of IEC Chairman are causes of his defeat and we must believe his entire fabricated weekly changing excuses . Letting misinterpretations stand unchallenged, is the hallmark of Yaya Jammeh’s regime. He falsely claimed that theire were double counting in Basse , foreign interference , smear campaign and ECOWAS-UN— made a hasty unprecedented resolution against him. That’s all very ominous right huh?, and I’m at a loss as to why each week — he comes up with a new excuse about Basse results. So long as only he did not massacre his own people, that resolution was wrong and “Good people around the world agreed with him”. So therefore, he does not want any foreign intervention and he hired his Secretary General as “Mediator General”.

Obviously, in reality, Yaya Jammeh’s short-term goal is to avoid getting into an unpopular war by hoodwinking Gambians along with some enticements, whiles extending his term through parliament (Illegal by the way)— precipitated by his own ill-considered statements. Because he was humiliated countless number of times wherever he tried to punt the issue to his favor, he thought to himself the crowd at the failed Supreme Court Hearing, gave him a mandate to come and and disrespect Gambian. Every time he plots against Gambians , he got exposed and get caught embarrassingly flat-footed . His relentless effort to cast every crime and provocative attempts which failed — as a spontaneous reaction to an obscure thing we should just ignore. Yaya Jammeh do not want Gambians to see him as the necessary evil, so he tried smiling but it couldn’t stretch wide on his face , after realizing the streets of Banjul are empty and residence are fleeing the country.

So, afraid of the political fallout in the aftermath of Gambians fleeing the country, he circled the wagons. Yaya Jammeh now softened his criticism of “Bad sons and non patriotic Gambians” by issuing an executive order effective— now from last year Nov 1st 2016 to January 31st 2017. So I am confused here. Is Gambia going to reset the clocks and year now back to November 2016 ? . I just want to remind Yaya Jammeh, many people like him at their bed beds wished the same to be afforted to them , but the angels never granted that wish. So he has the power to send us back to last year ! Phewb! Phweb! Phweb , boom shakalah – really Asombi’s bady? Boy ! That is a huge bait-and-switch.

The irony in this case is that it’s precisely that tactic that has now turned a problem for Sheikh Professor date and Year changer Yaya Jammeh. It’s an odd claim. But reasonable people can disagree about that. What strikes me as unconscionable, however, is the way the supposedly loser of the Elections— sensationalized his lost by deliberately bend the facts to fit a desired story line that benefits him. He couldn’t come out straight and say “ I need an amnesty bill”, but he punts it into a disjointed statement which reads – “ I have directed the Justice Minster to ensure there is no witch hunt and to restore confidence.

Well, this is a red meat thrown to cover the crimes of himself and his men — because they are the most egregious offender on this score. Uh huh! Sounds like the familiar indemnity bill act, after when they slaughters the students on April 11 th 2000 — and understandably so. The only problem: again, we are not stupid Yaya Jammeh. Thoughtful critics knew all along , getting Amnesty is his wish. Gambians should notice of all the fake news Yaya Jammeh pushes forward , amnesty is something he doesn’t joke with. You never hear a fake story about Amnesty, but he needed it down the line in his life. An easier explanation is that Yaya Jammeh thinks Gambians are just cheap cosmopolitans like the same fools that surround him.

Well , he further said the obvious thing he wanted to say — he don’t jeopardize himself and his family because no other foreigners love the country more than him. Well, he said it backways, but the way I phrased it, is exactly what he meant. In short, it looks like he sees himself as above every Gambian . Yaya Jammeh represents an altogether more complicated challenge for Gambians to fall for his trap. There’s also something just plain weird about Yaya Jammeh. He wants the parliament to help him extend his brutal illegitimate rule by quoting Section 4, Section 17 , sub section 2 , for them to find ways to extend his term to may 2017— so that his mercenary judges will come and just declare him the winner.

Let me remind Yaya Jammeh that the National Assembly cannot pass a law to extend his expired term on January 18th . This is part of the entrenched part of the Constitution which can only be change by a referendum. Hang on People! Hi Hon. Halifa Sallah! I have done my part as a citizen , please take over . Your turn sir!

By habib

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