Gambia: Coup Brewing In Gambia; Gambia’s Fragile Democracy Is About To Be Upset!

The much talked about President elect Adama Barrow’s January, 19th inauguration is about to be rudely disrupted by some rogue soldiers and army officers loyal to dictator Yahya Jammeh, Freedom Radio Gambia can authoritatively reveal. A palace coup is being hatched at this hour. In the next few hours, Gambians and friends of The Gambia, should not be surprised if the military ventures into hijacking the fragile democratic process. A coup is imminent in The Gambia.

Interior Minister MA Bah, General Saul Badjie and co are working with outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh to fake a palace coup, in an attempt to subvert President elect Barrow’s electoral victory. Nothing will happen to Jammeh, per the plan hatched to disrupt the democratic process. Jammeh wants to disrupt Barrow’s inauguration. That’s all. He also wants to preempt the ongoing plans to deploy ECOWAS troops to Banjul.

Folks, we have long been reporting on the upcoming place coup. Some were bit apprehensive, but time will tell.

As we file this report, some army officers and soldiers, who refused to partake in the planned coup, have fled the country. There is total pandemonium in the army.

Sadly, the power struggle is taking an ethnic dimension.  Jammeh is relying on the Fullani ethnic group to settle scores with the majority Mandinka tribe, he had earlier threatened to liquidate and bury them nine feet deep. His recent appointment of workers clearly confirmed Jammeh’s tribal divisiveness and bigotry.

It has been gathered that Nigerian troops have been camped to train for the upcoming operations to defend and protect the electoral victory of  President elect Adama Barrow. The Nigerian troops will work with the Senegalese to take onto the Jammeh regime.

The palace coup is likely going to take place during the weekend. Unless, the scheme is rescinded, plans are afoot to announce a new political dispensation in The Gambia. It may be executed tonight or before Monday, morning.

The following folks need to be watched: Seedy Njie, a Fullani, MA Bah, a Fullani, Pa Musa Jallow, a Fullani, recently hired SG, and Mediator General, and Health Minister Omar Sey, also partly a Fullani, just to name a few. They are Jammeh’s front to fan tribal bigotry in the country. Consciously or unconsciously, they allowed to be used by Jammeh to pursue his own political interest.

Omar Sey, was very instrumental in helping Jammeh to recruit Pa Musa Jallow. Omar and Pa Musa, are close buddies. The duo normally hangout on a daily basis.

The army should refused to be used by Jammeh to take over power. Any attempt to organize a palace coup, would be crushed by ECOWAS. Let them try it and see.

Written By A Staff Writer

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