Gambia: If your character cannot rally people on a common purpose and inspires confidence, then its best to leave them alone

A vindictive Yaya Jammeh attempted to fabricate an image and a personally that never suited him last night and he failed miserably. Indeed, Gambians saw his speech as someone desperately – treasure hunting the best possible deal for himself because he is faced with only grim trends. Quite frankly, Our hearts were all emptied out – because what benefits Yaya Jammeh — are the very things that causes us pain and embarrasses us. The extremely self-absorbed man who was born poor “humble upbringing” but licked all the silver spoons of benefits throughout his life, sadly aged to immaturity during his presidency and suddenly found himself scavenger hunting what is left out of our hearts.

But there is one problem for Yaya Jammeh. His arrogance and addiction to novel dictatorial micro management philosophy continues to poses heretofore unnoticed challenges for himself and his regime. He tried to be remorseful — to ask forgiveness , but he did it on the way he only knows through bullying. I will coin the phrase that came out a lot from his speech. The best way asked for forgiveness was — ok I will give “Amnesty to everyone”. What he meant to say is – I seek your forgiveness but i am still the same bully . He does not understand that by now, Gambians are familiar with his weird gloating styles — when he wants things that he can’t snatch out from our hands or forcefully pulls out the little patience we have left on our hearts. With everything Yaya Jammeh has been doing lately, it is uncertain or nearly impossible to get what he wants because Gambians do not trust him and are sick of his fabrications and dishonesty.

Before , he advocated and prolong our pains with visions— 2020, Vision — “grow what you eat and eat what you can grow “and now , he has a point — in certain contexts. The whole speech was Vision —“Presidency for life” and Vision — “What only benefits me”. All his decisions are often made with a narrow and subjective cost-benefit calculus for his interest alone. Yaya Jammeh has to understand even though he changed life of some people, he did it the wrong way — either by confiscation a home from someone — the house his mom currently lives at. He takes millions from Central Bank, and hands them to Nigerian Nollywood actress, just to be called a Pan African. Took away farm lands and handed them to certain family or his alleged “girlfriends”. Free electricity and water in Kanilai, but Banjul get ignored and have numerous check points. He himself represents social predicaments. These are just the few examples of a mixed legacy that have long endured in our communities for twenty years.Yes he did some good – like building schools etc , but the killings, bullying and abusing of power overshadowed everything.

Yaya Jammeh’s habit of jabbing Gambians created one problem which sealed the hearts of many people. Our hearts which we only had given pride of a place of cleanliness, is now eclipse with so many burdens of pain and Yaya Jammeh wants us to retire them all. Maybe if we dint see him anymore , that might work. That cannot happen as long as he is in Gambia. People just want him to pack up and leave for the shake of peace. All along, he refused to look down on his nose to see our complains and heart ache. Now he often emphasizes the value of being “unpredictable.” How can you assemble thousands of army personnel dressed in civilian clothes and few hundreds of your loyalist, chanting elections was unfair, cheating occurred ,others talking about killing “Mbaa bay faalah” on tape and at the same breath, Yaya Jammeh wants us to trust him. I cannot speak Mandinka fluently, but I know what “Mbaa Bay Faalah” means. Through out his presidency, that’s the vast literature hammed in our heads to the point that it become synonymous with the regime .

He still haven’t come to grip with what appears after shock of losing the elections and he is so worried about his own deeds only. And he has a point — in certain contexts. He knows exactly what awaits him. So he wants to Keep Gambians guessing . But he needs to understand his character does not inspires confidence nor is the best to lead negotiations for a common purpose already agreed upon. Yaya Jammeh’s compulsive fabrication of events , continues adding another layer of anger—Gambians have towards him. As Bishop Hannah Faye said in their religious meeting, he has divided Gambians and still continues to do so. Yaya Jammeh supporters must understand he lost the elections . The point isn’t about personal loyalty, he refuses to vacate the Presidency in the face of the inevitable backlashes, may result to endangering the lives of many innocent Gambians. When the predictable firestorm hits, every one will suffer because he is mocking the serious efforts of ECOWAS as distractions of foreign intervention.

Yaya Jammeh insistence to stand in power until the Supreme court decides, will spark controversy, horrible headlines and negative coverage we do not need at this point. He knows Gambians will not welcome that move at all. Gambians watched him obsessively— as he impetuously used everything to hang on to power. Time will tell if he seriously thinks this is helping him .I think Gambians have right to be concerned about the perils of danger Yaya Jammeh is trying to bring to Gambia. His glib response elicits fear among Gambians because he isn’t taking ECOWAS, UN — peace efforts seriously. That whole speech was generously listened to, but we put it into the same garbage can of history where it belong. Gambia Has Decided and we will have a peaceful inauguration on January 19th.

By habib

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