Gambia: All the bullying tactics we are seeing is because of the humiliating eviction notice nailed to the State House door at Banjul

As Yaya Jammeh and his entourage continues to used extreme bellicose and alarmist language not grounded on law or wisdom, but grounded on personal partisan opinions, they risk reinserted themselves into a revealing controversy of terrible unforgiving legacy. For instance, the Gambian people have given them a chance to choose their places in history, but the unwelcoming scenario that greeted the President Elects teams and trying to strip Gambians out of our victory, it’s particularly annoying and took many by surprise. The last holdout of disgraced regime, continues to engaged themselves into more controversy, more fear-mongering, and more phony impartiality —using misinformation, fear-fueled fantasy and pushing our nation into near crisis. It didn’t have to be this way.

And, of course, they have a lawyer, who is in fact using every favorite monkey wrench in the unheard off “law toolbox”, to keep filling petitions after petitions at an empty supreme court. What is fascinating is that though he knows there isn’t a single piece of daylight he will find in his misadventures, but he wants to keep Gambians worried and furnished his empty wallet. it’s almost impossible to find any credible Judge or legal minded person, who takes what an encumbered Lawyer like Edu Gomez says or does at face value. But an undeniably troubling plotline have emerged. The negative effects seem all too apparent, at least for many Gambians. The damage of their credibility and relationship with people, is hard to exaggerate. Of course, the surest way to guarantee Gambians getting pissed off —is to keep helping the dictator at all odds. And that’s exactly what we are seeing.

All the mix messages we are seeing today is because Yaya Jammeh is beset by clashing emotions. He encouraged entitlement over achievement. What Gambians have to remember is the stunning victory of President Elect Adama Barrow and the humiliation of an eviction notice nailed to the State House door in Banjul for him to vacate by January 18th at 11:59pm, and his once closes allies all jumped ship to support the people’s choice — really caught him of guard. His angst is revealed in the blizzard of lame-duck executive orders — placement of heavy weapons on strategic locations, closing radio stations , taking down posters, and filling positions with last-minute criminal loyalists, designed to put obstacles in the way of the new government.

On one hand, the result has been a recipe for fury, near-panic for Gambian citizens and it has in some aspects, euthanize our wishes of seeing— a hands on peaceful transfer of power . This is why they are clamoring in a huge hurry to purge the nation off our inauguration of President Elect by filing a last minute injunction , but their failed every attempt as others did. All this annoying thing they are doing now ,isn’t a mission from the electorate; it’s empty distractions of political grandstanding to stir up a populist passions of their illiterate followers. They have been quoting almost unheard portions of the constitutions and using words like “Cheat”, and adding in the rise of fake news —shared within tight-knit identity groups or filtered propaganda news on GRTS to deceive the public. But on the other, it also shows how badly they are desperate and using misinformation, fear-fueled fantasy and bullying of Gambians citizens.

As much of the Yaya Jammeh and his lower holdouts are openly mooting about inaugurations or prodding Army in various locations to display weapons in order to terrorize citizens , one has to wonder why they are chasing President Elects team around town for negotiations and pushing for Amnesty of his men at Parliament. Lat’s remember, Nigerian lower Parliament voted to support a motion of giving Yaya Jammeh amnesty in their country , if he decides to step down . Lastly, there are reports of Yaya Jammeh closing the border with Senegal, to prevent negative reports of Gambians leaving the country and maybe worried about ECOWAS troops stepping in unexpectedly. ECOWAS leaders are due in Banjul tomorrow, lets hope for a peaceful resolution tomorrow.

By Habib

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