Gambia: Breaking News: Seedy Njie, Is Planning To Run With Jammeh’s Money!

Seedy Njie, has been running his mouth a lot off late, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. He is planning to cash in from Jammeh’s remaining meager budget before fleeing the country. Seedy is going to leave town as soon as he lays his hands on the proposed budget expenses coming from the State House to mobilize the youths to rally support behind Jammeh. The APRC is consists of bunch of traitors and betrayers. This is the guy, Jammeh recently hired as his party’s spokesman, and Press Secretary. Yet, he wants to stab JK on the back. 

Seedy Njie, couldn’t reach Ousman Jatta, AKA Rambo Jatta, on the phone for the past one week. Rambo, has been calling him from a blocked number. He doesn’t know if Rambo is still in town or has fled the country. Seedy cannot deny what we are reporting here. 

Seedy, is not happy with the way Jammeh treated Rambo. Rambo, was dismissed from the Daily Observer. One Pa Modou Mbowe, another “Njuma” is heading that paper. He kept saying “mann douma Doffi Ken” meaning he is not a mad man for anyone. He said he will cash in if he gets any opportunity. He is on his way out of the APRC!

The other day, Baxso of the APRC kept telling the APRC folks not to betray Seedy Njie. Well Seedy, will instead betray Jammeh and the APRC. Just watch.

Babou Gaye Sonko did the right thing by leaving town. He refused to be used by Jammeh to subvert President elect Barrow’s well-earned electoral victory. Hence, he decided to flee the country. He is now in Germany.

For Seedy Njie, the APRC is a dead government, and any opportunity to cash in should be exploited to the maximum. Mr. Njie, will not die for Yahya Jammeh. Let Jammeh get that.

Jammeh should just quit and allow a safe transfer of power to President elect Adama Barrow. The likes of Seedy Njie are only after lining their pockets. Time will tell.

Written By A Staff Writer

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