Gambia: Breaking News: Sam Sarr Is The New Gambian Ambassador To Washington DC

Sam Lobster Sarr, has been appointed Gambian Ambassador to the US, Freedom Radio Gambia  can reveal. Mr. Sarr, has been tasked to oversee the embassy. His predecessor Omar Faye, has had his services terminated with immediate effect.

Mr. Faye, was recently recalled to report to The Gambia for “home services” but he refused saying he risked being persecuted by Jammeh. Mr. Faye, was among the first Foreign Service agents to ask Jammeh to step down.

Mr. Sarr, used to be the Deputy Gambian Ambassador at the UN. He got elevated recently to the position of an Ambassador. He is now in charge of The Gambian mission in DC.

Meanwhile, Omar Faye, AKA Goor, has been given notice to vacate his former private residence, but dude doesn’t have a place to resettle. He is virtually homeless.  Faye, might likely move to Atlanta, to be hosted by his second wife, as he is running out of cash to meet his family daily needs.

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