Gambia: Breaking News: Navy Officer Jumps Ship

All is not well in The Gambia. The army is divided. Dictator Yahya Jammeh, is loosing the support of some section of the officers core. Defection is now becoming a daily thing. And there would be more defections in coming days and weeks,

A Gambian Navy Lieutenant, has jumped ship and fled the country, Freedom Radio Gambia has gathered. Lt. Fara Jobe, is one of the latest officers abandoning dictator Jammeh. He has defected.

“Hi Pa, The Gambia Navy has fallen. Yaya lost to this only maritime arm of the Gambia Armed Forces to  President Elect Adama Barrow. Navy Lieutenant Fara Jobe, has quitted his job and is on the run. Follow the development,” said our source.

“He was the Naval Command Operations Officer in Charge after me.  Of recent, he is an aid to Navy commander, Commodore Sillah Kujabi,” said our source a former Navy officer.

Sources close to the GAF Headquarters said the country risked facing a mutiny in the event Jammeh wants to rule beyond January 19th. Some soldiers and officers are bracing up to work with outside forces to rally support behind President elect Adama Barrow, in the event Jammeh doesn’t want to exit out from power gracefully.

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