Gambia: Breaking News: Judicial Bribery Scandal: Handpicked Jammeh Hired Supreme Court Judges Offered Pay Raise!

Recently handpicked Jammeh Supreme Court Judges hired to settle the December, 1st Presidential election results dispute have been offered huge sitting session salary raise by the defiant outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh, a Judicial source has intimated. The judges mainly from the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and Sierra Leone, are expected to review Jammeh’s election petition against the Independent Electoral Commission on January 10th.

The Accountant at the Judiciary, one Ms. Houma, has been instructed by the State House to increase the sitting session allowance of the judges in the upcoming trial. Information accessed from the Accounts’ office at the Judiciary revealed that the judges will enjoy pay raise, refreshment, accommodation among other luxuries.

Freedom Radio Gambia is going to publish paper trail in coming hours to further confirm our reportage.

The desperate dictator has reached a deal with his rogue and unethical Nigerian mercenary Chief Justice Emmanuel Fangble to annul the election results in favor of Jammeh. We “wanna” thanks our sources on the ground for exposing this latest attempt to buy out the Supreme Court judges by dictator Jammeh.

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