Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh’s Election Injunction Suit Suffers A Setback; Judge Refuses To Hear A Request To Block Barrow’s Inauguration

The Chief Justice of The Gambia, today refused to entertain an injunction request filed by outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh to block President elect Adama Barrow’s inauguration scheduled for Thursday. Justice Emmanuel Fangbele, a Nigerian born national, said in the absence of a properly constituted Supreme Court, the matter cannot be heard. Hence, he decided to rescue himself from the case, pending a proper quorum to constitute the Supreme court.

“I can not exercise the power of a single judge to hear the motion to Bar president Elect Adama Barrow to be sworn in on Thursday 19 January. There is no sitting supreme court judges in the Gambia.  I can not sit as a single judge to hear the interlocutory injunction to stop the swearing in of Adama Barrow, on the 19th  January 2017,” the Chief Justice said.

“I must necessarily rescue myself from hearing the case because I am one of the parties involved,” he added..

The injunction filed by the APRC seeks among others that the chief justice or his agent should refrain from swearing in Adma Barrow.

In an other development about the petition filed  by APRCs’  Yankuba Colley,  National Mobiliser And Yahya Jammeh for subsitituted service on the respondent ie Independent Electoral Commission IEC, the returning officer and Adama Barrow. The Chief Justice ordered that the petition be published on four widely read daily newspapers in the country namely The point, Daily Observer, the Standard and Foroyaa. The case is adjourned till May because the of unavailiblity sitting supreme judges in the country.

This latest development, has caused a major setback to Jammeh’s desperate attempt to interfere with Barrow’s inauguration. Mr. Barrow is currently in Senegal. He is to be flown to the country before Thursday by Senegalese security forces to be officially sworn in.

Jammeh’s next plan is to use the National Assembly to extend his mandate. Details of the house meeting tonight, would be reported here. Stay tuned.

Written By A Correspondent

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