Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh In His Own Words: “ECOWAS’S Intervention Is A Declaration Of War And Insult To Our Constitution.”


Given that all previous elections since I became president of The Gambia were conducted with undoubted competence and impartiality of the IEC I conceded defeat with the belief that the result announced by the IEC on December 1st 2016 was accurate. However, when the IEC chairman on the 5th of December 2016 invited all political parties at the Headquarters of the commission to inform us of the counting error. Given the unjustifiable and unprecedented anomalies in the elections, what we are simply and rightfully asking for is to return to the polls and allow the Gambians to elect who they want to be their president to be organized in an Allah fearing, honest and independent electoral commission just like it was under the leadership of Mr Carayol.

Some interest groups and individuals have championed the campaign for me to step down. The campaign dismissed the legitimacy of my change of position after my initial concession of defeat. Change for the better is common place for all decision making processes in pursue of Good governance. Thus Gambians, in filing petition in the Supreme Court, I am merely acting in accordance with the oath I took to defend the constitution of The Gambia as your president and to exercise my right to appeal as a candidate during the presidential election of 2016.

Let me make it very clear that we are ready to defend this country against any aggression as there will be no compromise for that. Most, if not all reasons advanced for the appeal for me to re-embrace my initial position are based on fear military confrontation that leads to violence and concerns of an outbreak of war in this country of ours.

The decision to implement the results if the December first elections by whatever means possible is totally illegal as it violates the principles of non-interference of member states. It is in effect, a declaration of war and insult to our constitution. It is therefore absolutely unacceptable. I am ready to defend the country in totality.

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