Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh uses EFSTH patients as human shields on his last days in power


The runaway tyrant used patients at the Intensive Care Unit of EFST Hospital  formerly RVTH in Banjul as human shields on  Thursday and Friday 19 and 20 January moments after ECOWAS forces entered the country. The hospital is opposite state house. It was only after Conde arrived late Friday that he felt secure enough to return to state house.

Jammeh forcibly evacuated some of the patients at Block 5 of the ICU and forced the EFSTH boss to move them to Serekunda hospital. Then Jammeh hid in the room fearing an ECOWAS attack. Sources said he brought hundreds of recruits to guard him there such that yesterday there was no work at EFSTH as they were busy cleaning the premises from the urine, feces, charcoal, cigarette butts and other waste left behind by the Jammeh troops in the hospital compound.

The ICU patients including those in oxygen mask will be returned to RVTH today Wednesday. The international media should take up this story and investigate it further as it shows the depravity and cruelty of Yahya Jammeh. He broke all international conventions. jammeh is a shameful tyrant,

Pa you can confirm this story if you in doubt.

Written By Modou Faye

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