Gambia: Breaking News: Has Jammeh Surrendered?

Yahya Jammeh is working out a deal for his possible exit route from the political impasse. Jammeh is seemingly backing down. He cannot go to war without a loyal, and motivated army. There are few soldiers and officers behind him. This is a lost game for Jammeh. He has been defeated on the military front as well. Jammeh is an underdog at as we scribble this report.

In the next hour or so, you will hear about massive defection of GAF soldiers and officers to the invading forces. This is a done deal. Jammeh is history. JK, has chickened out. He felt betrayed by the officers he calls my loyalists. This is the dangers of politicizing an army. Jammeh has over the years reduced the army as farmers, butchers, and herdsmen. He lacks a professional army to defend him and the country.

The State House is becoming a movie theater. Everyone in that palace is confused, and frustrated, including their boss Jammeh. They don’t know how to handle or manage the impending security challenges. Jammeh is constantly on the phone talking calling for help from his colleagues in the sub-region. A plane might be on the way, or has already landed in Banjul to pick him up. This the second or third plane which landed in Banjul last night. He refused to travel with the Mauritanian president. Now that his ass is about to be yanked, he is calling for help!

President Macky Sall, is having the final laugh at this hour. He is enjoying Jammeh’s last minute incoherent decisions. His presidential re-election bid has sealed tonight—thanks to the risk he has taken to confront an African despotic tyrant in the person of Jammeh. If he succeeds in ejecting Jammeh without much collateral damage, he would earn himself as Africa’s champion for democracy.

The ECOWAS troops will not experience much resistance. That we can report. The army is divided and many are likely to jump ship later today.

The absence of Jammeh from the political scene might not necessarily end the impasse. There are pockets of Jammeh henchmen on the ground who might try to sabotage the political process if not monitored.

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