Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Most Short lived Information Minister Flees To Equatorial Guinea With Jammeh!

Gambia’s most short-lived Information Minister Seedy Njie, was among delegation, who travelled with ex Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, to Equatorial Guinea, Freedom Radio Gambia, can reveal. Mr. Njie, who is a die-hard loyalist of the former Gambian leader, is also living in exile in Equatorial Guinea. Mr. Jammeh did not leave him behind during his unceremonious departure from the country.

Mr. Seedy Njie, was one of the few Jammeh loyalists, who stood by Jammeh during his last days of his twenty two years despotic rule. Mr. Jammeh fears that Mr. Njie, might be exposed to political recrimination—given his open support for him during his rule, sources said. Although, the new government said there wouldn’t be any political retribution. It assured Gambians from different political camps that the rule of law would be upheld during president Adama Barrow’s rule.

Seedy Njie, has already started missing Banjul. He is constantly on the phone talking to the APRC surrogates on the ground in The Gambia.

Also on exile, is Jimbay Jammeh, dictator Jammeh’s chief pimp. Jimbay too is in Equatorial Guinea with Yahya Jammeh. General Saul Badjie is also with Jammeh.

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