Gambia: Breaking News: Gambian Ambassador Challenges ECOWAS “To Come And Slaughter Gambians And Impose Barrow.”

Sam Sarr’s message to ECOWAS: “Let them come and slaughter the Gambians, and impose Barrow by force but we will not yield.” The Gambian Ambassador to the DC, was speaking in an interview with the VOA Nigh-Line Africa program. My colleague Peter Cortey, interviewed Mr. Sarr on Sunday.

Mr. Sarr, told the VOA that The Gambian army will not sit idly and allow ECOWAS forces to meddle into Gambia’s internal political impasse. He said they will defend the current government despite the ongoing efforts to send Jammeh packing.

Mr. Sarr talked about the late Nigerian opposition leader Abiola, who was pronounced as the winner of that country’s elections in 1994, but ECOWAS he said never bothered to mount pressure on the then military regime headed by Abacha to handover power to Abiola. Sam, said Abiola, was instead arrested and charged with treason. Abiola later died in jail.

Mr. Sarr, maintains that the IEC has compromised the outcome of the elections by making a recount without following due process. He said under the circumstances, Yahya Jammeh, has all rights to challenge the results of the polls.

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