Gambia: Breaking News: Gam Gov’t Document Confirms Babou Gaye Sonko Was Granted Clearance To Leave Town

Folks, as promised earlier, we had a copy of Babou Gaye Sonko’s clearance letter granted to him by the Jammeh regime to travel to Germany. Mr. Sonko, was the recently expelled APRC nominated MP, and party National Youth Mobilizer. He flew to Germany, on a business trip in the mid of the political impasse. Days later, he was expelled from the APRC. He also lost his MP job.

As evident on this published document, Mr. Sonko sought the permission of The Gambian authorities before leaving the country. Word in the street was that Mr. Sonko absconded. Now it turns out that the regime cleared him to leave town.

Folks, the APRC is a dead political party. Sources said Mr. Sonko, was asked to mobilize the youths so that they can organize a pro-Jammeh protest to dispute the outcome of the election results. But Mr. Sonko, was somehow reluctant to engage in such polarizing and destructive ventures. He also refused to partake in a GRTS panel attended by Seedy Njie and co to drum anti-opposition victory, and political change.

Mr. Babou Gaye Sonko, also reportedly pointed out to Mayor Yankuba Colley and co that the recent compilation of the five thousand “voters” who presumably didn’t vote on election day by the APRC, in their desperate quest to challenge the outcome of the election was a fabricated move. It was Mr. Sonko’s contention that some of the names compiled could be supporters of the opposition, but Colley and co wouldn’t heed to his concerns. They went ahead to file the petition, sources said.

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