Gambia: Breaking News: Fugitive Sanna Manjang And Sulayman Sambou, Heading Out To Italy, With Fake Names!

Dictator Yahya Jammeh’s leading assassin team members are close to reaching the shores of Libya, Freedom Radio Gambia, has gathered. Sanna Manjang, and Sulayman Sambou, who are currently travelling with fake IDS and passports, are on their way to Libya, and then Italy.

The Italian government should thoroughly screen “refugees” arriving in their coast in coming days and weeks. The duos are trying to escape justice. They were briefly seen in Guinea Bissau, before the duos disappeared in the thin air.

Manjang and Sambou, have been linked to crimes against humanity. They have killed a good number of Gambians for dictator Jammeh. Their escape from justice will not do justice to the families they have rendered orphanage in Banjul.

If Manjang and Sambou, made it to Europe, undetected with the fake IDS, it’s going to take some time before their  true identities would established. Gambians living in Italy, should help in tracing these wanted fugitives.

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