Gambia: Breaking News: EX Gambian Health Minister Is Seeking Political Asylum In Geneva!

Former Gambian Health Minister Omar Sey is seeking political asylum in Geneva, Switzerland, sources reaching the Freedom Radio Gambia, have intimated. Mr. Sey, fled the Gambia, in the wake of the political impasse. He also resigned from the regime of Yahya Jammeh.

Sources in Geneva, said the former Minister, has asked for protection from the Swiss government. The basis for his asylum has not be disclosed, but sources intimated that Sey is afraid of future persecution.

Until last week, the former Health Minister, has  insisted that he will return to his native country, and face his fate, sources close to his family told this medium. But it appears that there is a change of heart on the part of Omar Sey. He is now asking the Swiss government to provide him with protection.

Mr. Sey, was complicit in dictator Jammeh’s fake HIV/AIDS cure, as he provided the platform for Jammeh’s delusional false claim by exposing patients to the mad dictator. Remember, the so called Jammeh infertility treatment program?  Remember, the fake HIV/AIDS cure?

Mr. Sey, is banking on getting papers in Geneva so that he can work with the WHO main offices in that part of the world. He has contacts in Geneva, encouraging him to file for asylum so that he can secure a job at the Global Fund or the World Health Organization.

Written By A Correspondent.

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