Gambia: Breaking News: Businessman Amadou Samba Meets President Barrow In Dakar

Businessman Amadou Samba, met with President Adama Barrow on Monday, in the Senegalese capital Dakar, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Samba, was granted audience to meet Barrow, sources said. Details of his meeting with Barrow, is being kept on the down low. The Businessman has denied any wrongdoing. Jammeh is the scapegoat. He even pledged his support for the new president and government.

A Gambian official accompanying Barrow, in Senegal, facilitated the meeting between Barrow and Samba. Samba now access to the new government. There are folks doing the bidding for him. Some section of the media is also complicit in shaping his image in the positive light.

The new government is going to be an interesting one. Barrow’s meeting with Samba, ought to have been reported to the press. Mr. Samba, is not an ordinary personality. He was very influential during Jammeh’s rule.

Amadou Samba is an intelligent man. If some of the folks think that they can use their closeness to Barrow to spearhead a PR for Samba, they should better reflect on their actions. There is too much cosying up going on right now.

Our sources in Dakar, are keenly monitoring developments. Mr. Barrow is due to arrive in Banjul, in coming hours. He is also expected to announce his cabinet.

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