Gambia: Breaking News: APRC Supporters Stormed Party Headquarters Amid Political Impasse

APRC militants have converged at their party’s headquarters. The showdown is about to start. The isolated Jammeh is preying on these unsuspecting and innocent party militants to cling onto power. Do not be surprised if there is a pro-Jammeh demonstration spearheaded by the dictator to create a wrong impression locally here.

The political impasse is far being settled. Jammeh is a troublemaker. He wants to create an upheaval before his imminent fall.

Sources close to the APRC said the dictator is using cash, and job promises to mobilize his supporters. As we file this report, the APRC bureau has been stormed by Jammeh militants.

The dictator is likely going to use his party supporters to defend him in the event a force is employed to eject him from power.

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