Gambia: They applauded treason: Epitaph for Tyrant Jammeh’s Last Cabinet

They applauded treason: Epitaph for Tyrant Jammeh’s Last Cabinet

Name Portfolio as of 18/1/17 Fate Comments
Yahya Jammeh President, Defence, Petroleum, Energy, Exile/death The evil tyrant; the Great Destroyer who has been humiliated before his country, peers and the whole world.
Isatou Njie Saidy Vice President, Women’s Affairs Humiliating belated resignation which nobody cares about The mephistolean turtle that has never came to the defence of even women and children raped and violated by Jammeh’s thugs. Will go down in history also as the least respected Vice President. She is a truly shameless mother.
Sheriff Bojang Information etc Exile in Dakar A show boy who never believed in Jammeh but wanted his per deim, passage and Pajeros.
Alieu K Jammeh Youth and Sports Exile in Dakar Good man who served in an evil system
Neneh Macdoal Gaye Foreign Affairs Exile in Dakar A truly Jezebel; when Jammeh killed Deyda Hydara she organized a student solidarity march for Jammeh the next day in crass heartlessness. She once tasted exile after falling out with the tyrant; she returned just to get her per diem, passage, Pajeros.
Abdou Kolley Finance Exile in Kolda Good man who served in an evil system
Omar Sey Health Exile in Dakar He and Roberts were ones who gave Jammeh the fake news that there were irregularities in CRR which the tyrant latched onto to want to annul the elections.
Aboubacarr Senghor Higher Education Humiliating, rambling, self praising belated resignation letter A real miserable man; he threw his academic respect to the wind by sticking it out till the 18 Jan under lame pretexts; should never be allowed to return to UTG again.
Jarjusey Environment Exile in Dakar Another miserable man
Benjamin Roberts Tourism and culture Exile in Dakar after a rambling belated resignation letter full of arrogance and hubris The most arrogant Minister; he ran errands for Jammeh meant to scuttle the will of the people expressed on 1 December. He should appear before a court for treason and false information with Sey. He has left behind a destroyed ministry; GT Board is broke thanks to his endless travels. Has a putrid hatred for Gambian artists.
Mama Singhateh Justice Exile in Dakar She is a shame to Justice; she led the legal assault on Gambian democracy. She drafted some of the most obnoxious laws ever enacted in 22 years of Jammeh. Must be brought to account.
Fatou Faye Education Humiliatingly remained at home who started nothing, ended nothing and achieved nothing at Education. A truly arrogant spinster. Another turtle; a spinster who spent all her tenure supporting Jammeh such that the exams results of our children have become the laughing stock in the region.
Nyassi Local Government Humiliatingly remained at home Unknown Jola, who under any civilized regime would not have become even a janitor.

The lesson is that all those in the last Executive Cabinet of Jammeh have tasted exile and or humiliation. They have come to feel the very pinch which other Gambians have for 22 years felt under the evil tyrant. When people spoke out they defended the tyrant and blamed ‘exiles’ or ‘diaspora’ for causing confusion etc. Now  much of Jammeh’s last cabinet remain in exile, and there is no reason why some of them will not face justice for aiding and abetting treason, one day.

The people mentioned above where the ones who clapped loud on Dec 9 when the tyrant rejected the peoples’ verdict. Imagine such treason; they clapped for treason. Imagine they had the moral courage to say ‘No sir’ in unison on that day of 9 December, then Gambians would not have been going through such eight weeks of terror; then Gambians would not have become refugees, or become IDPs.

Written By Modou Faye

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