Breaking News: The Coward Jammeh Is Given FINAL Ultimatum To Leave!

Dear Pa,

January 19 is a historic day in the political situation of our country. The swearing in of Adama Barrow ushered in the 3rd Republic of the Gambia. It is also the day that Gambians and the whole world stop recognizing the erstwhile president who refused to transfer power to the elected president and told the visiting Mauritanian president, Abdel Aziz, that he is ready to face any military intervention from ECOWAS the night before Adama Barrow was inaugurated in Dakar.

Barely a day he turned down the offer to go into exile in Mauritania, Jammeh is now ready to go. Immediately the advancing ECOWAS troops destroyed his armories stored at various locations in Kanilai, he raised the white flag and started making frantic phone calls to ECOWAS and certain unnamed heads of state in the region to halt the heavy assault and to send the presidents of Guinea and Mauritania to oversee his departure.

It is because of this that ECOWAS agreed to suspend the attack but Jammeh was given a final ultimatum that if he failed to leave before midday, Friday January 20, the offensive will continue. A delegation of the Organization is expected this morning in Banjul. It will consist of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia, and the President of Guinea, Alpha Conde and the president of the commission Allain de Souza.

The jester is finally cornered. He is going to Mauritania as a Refugee. This is a triumph of democracy over dictatorship.

May His Soul Not Rest In Peace!

Written By An Insider

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