Gambia: Way Forward After The Jammeh Regime

Dear Mr. Mbai,

I would like to congratulate you and the entire Gambian Nation on the historic victory of the Opposition Coalition. I also wish to congratulate President Elect Adama Barrow and his colleagues on this victory. Pa, Gambians owe you a big debt of gratitude for your tireless efforts to expose the malpractices and excesses of the out-going regime.

Having said this, I want to sound a word of caution to my fellow Gambians. Quite a number of people are expressing the need to go after Jammeh and his confidants for the crimes they have committed against the Gambian people. At this point, I think this is a very loose and to some extent potentially dangerous conversation to have. Right now, we need to treat Jammeh and his followers with full respect. This is a time to heal wounds, a time to come together, a time for reconciliation. We are presented with a unique opportunity to transform our country. Let us please move forward with this noble task.

I am not suggesting that we should forget the atrocities that were committed in the past or they should go unpunished. However, this is not the time for going after people. This is a time to open a new chapter in our quest for socio-economic development. The Coalition has a massive task ahead and should not be tempted in any way to seek vengeance.  Let the Coalition look forward and concentrate on nation building. I know a lot of people have been victims of Jammeh and indeed rightfully very angry. I understand this but we must move forward. Any attempt at this crucial moment to open old wounds can set our country on a dangerous course. We all need to be very careful and responsible in our utterances. Gambia is for all of us.

Long live The Gambia.

Thank you.

Concerned Citizen

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