Gambia: Un Security Council Issues 3rd Warning To Jammeh

Through the spokesman of the permanent representative of Spain who is at the head of the Council for December, the United Nations Security Council issued a third Declaration on the situation in Gambia. He recalls the Declaration which the members of council issued for the press on December 10th, 2016 which took note of the communiqué of the President of the African Union (AU), on December 10th, 2016 as well as of the joint communiqué of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Committee of the African Union and the Office of United Nations for western Africa and Sahel ( Unowas) on December 10th, 2016, concerning the situation in Islamic Republic of Gambia

The Security Council welcome with satisfaction and considers encouraging the decisions on the political situation in Gambia adopted by the Conference of the heads of state and government of the ECOWAS during its fiftieth ordinary session, held in Abuja December 17th, 2016, and decisions taken by the Council of Peace and Security of AU in its 644th session, held on December 12th, 2016, and the African Union, recognizing  Adama Barrow as President elect for Gambia.

The Council asks again to Yaya Jammeh, outgoing President, and to the competent Gambian authorities “to respect completely the results of the presidential election held on December 1st, 2016, to respect the will of the Gambian people to proceed to a peaceful and orderly transition and transfer of power to the President-elect , Mr. Adama Barrow, on January 19th, 2017 at the latest, according to the Gambian Constitution”.

The Council welcomes the decision that the heads of state of the ECOWAS decided to attend the nomination of the elected President, the Mr Barrow, which will take place on January 19th in Banjul.
The Security Council demand the security forces to ensure the safety of Gambians and exercise the utmost restraint to maintain peace in Banjul.
Source: Seneweb News

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