Gambia: As Senegal Warns Jammeh Over The Safety Of Its Citizens In Banjul; President Sall Calls For International Intervention

The Senegalese government has condemned dictator Yahya Jammeh’s annulment of the results of Gambia’s Presidential elections saying it undermines democratic norms, values, and peaceful transition to democratic rule after Adama Barrow’s electoral victory. The statement issued by Senegal’s Foreign Ministry, called on Jammeh to respect the will and aspirations of The Gambian people.

“The Government of the Republic of Senegal solemnly warns against any interference with the safety of Senegalese nationals living in The Gambia. Finally, the Government of the Republic of Senegal urges ECOWAS, the African Union and the United Nations to work together and take all necessary measures to safeguard the results of the presidential election in The Gambia and respect for the sovereignty of the Gambian people,” the statement added.

The Senegalese government recognizes Adama Barrow as the winner of the elections. It calls on Jammeh to step aside and allow the Transition Team assume office and run the affairs of The Gambia.

The government of Senegal is calling for an international intervention to safeguard the electoral victory of President elect Adama Barrow. The UN is expected to issue a statement in coming hours.  Watch this space for timely update about unfolding political events in The Gambia,

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