Gambia: Sar Lobster Sarr To Appear On Freedom Radio’s Leral Show!

Folks, guess who phoned me today? I received a missed call from Sam Lobster Sarr, the Gambian Deputy Ambassador to the United Nations. I dialed back, and got him on the line. Sam, and I, have been political foes since his defection to dictator Jammeh’s camp. He told me that he wanted to be scheduled on Freedom radio Gambia for an interview; preferably on the popular Leral show. I entertained his request. We chatted for some few minutes, before we hung up.

Mr. Sarr wants to engage Gambians for possible reconciliation and map the way forward for peaceful and stable Gambia. He told me that he still stood by his leader Yahya Jammeh, despite Gorr’s switch of heart.

“I am not in the same camp with Gorr. My conscience cannot allow me to abandon the President at this hour. My stance is based on principle. I am ready to face your audience on Sunday. You can open the lines and people can phone in and ask me any question as long as it is orderly and free of profanity,” Sarr told me.

Mr. Sarr also apologized to me for whatever might have transpired between me and him in the past. He jokingly said he has jumped ship to the APRC, and as such we became political adversaries.

Let us engage Mr. Sarr. Let us never shutdown our doors to folks on the other side. The new Gambia should be inclusive.

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