Gambia: President Elect Barrow’s press conference broaden the definition of what it means to be Gambian.

Whiles news trend scrolling through Facebook feeds is flooded with an outbreak of worthless distractions getting all the headlines, closer to home, President Elect Adam Barrow  held an important  press conference with  a  clear message in short answers  that were  poignant,  pitch-perfect , full of substance and  deliver with an appropriate capstone we couldn’t agree more with. Inside the hall in which the event took place, the atmosphere was uniquely friendly and the journalist were relaxed in such a sharp contrast to the former regime events. He eloquently defended the founding precepts of our country  and broaden the definition of what it means to be an Gambian. From that standpoint, he demolished all the false pillars of dictatorship and barriers that Yaya Jammeh set to limit our countrymen’s potentials. He said those words purposely , knowing that throughout  the history of APRC regime, their mantra has always been to divide us apart into pockets of groups, use rhetorical language full of hate and peddle scapegoats to make excuses for their incompetence and  great moral failing.

An entire life time was wasted in the APRC regime but we all held on common hope that one day change must come slowly— through protests and our struggles, on the streets and in the courts. Questions from impossible odds in going against the regime and wining, press freedoms to the president elect’s future government were asked. The President elect spoke for all of us in short answers that were adequate, assuring and his team displayed steadfast optimism about the country’s ability to move from the past through a truth and reconciliation commission.They went on to reveal today— they have met Chinese investors, held discussions with EU to help provide qualitative edge against challenges awaiting them and working on charting a vision for our country that protects the interest of our people. President elect Barrow’s and his counterpart of experience leaders, understands that foreign aid dependency alone will never guarantee Gambia a qualitative edge in terms of developing the nation, thus, they shown us  a serious willingness on that front— to revamped our agricultural sector and expansion of industries to curb out youth unemployment.

However, in a last-ditch effort, the regime elites of enablers are seeking ways to keep their visions of unfair play and unequal opportunity alive. Given these facts, we must not allow ourselves inured to statements of hate by the insidious cartel of regime— trying to hijack our new-found freedom into hostage. Doing so, though, their breathlessly misplaced mercy cries and high-sounding hypocrisy, would only serve to undermine our freedom which was paid by lives and our blood. There have been lots of prompted finger-pointing about the actual people behind this sleazy campaign, but considering the disrespect Yaya Jammeh has shown to all opposition parties in the coalition in the past and their recent defeat on the presidential elections, It’s not hard to understand why they are engage in such behaviors. It’s unfortunate that their strange squabble is overshadowing the important events of goodness happening in our country.

In another discouraging trend, it’s heartbreaking to learn about the regime enablers who left behind a complex legacy of turning out institutions into Ponzi schemes that will be argued over for decades, are prodding themselves to meet president elect for their own selfish interest. Little by little, we’re learning information  about regime enablers such as opportunistic Muhammed Basse— a Yaya Jammeh enabler and other sketchy personalities, requested audience with the newly elected President Adama Barrow. Its is mind boggling for regime enablers who have filled up their pockets to the brim and left out Gambians in the cold for years are still not satisfied. These are the people who shared among themselves control of Nawec, water supplies, gateways and other institutions they turned as Ponzi schemes.

Written By Habib

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