Gambia: President Elect Barrow Comes Under Increasing Criticism For Meeting Muhammed Bazzi

Dear Pa,

We thank you for reporting on the alleged meeting between President Elect Barrow and Muhammed Bazzi. If the meeting indeed took place, especially in secret, then it is a big mistake on the part of President Elect Barrow. This meeting has sent a very wrong signal.

Bazzi committed economic crimes against the Gambian people by for example, over-pricing the pump price of fuel in collusion with Jammeh when world market prices were at an all time low. Bazzi and his friends like Samba financed and sustained the brutal regime of Yaya Jammeh. They never cared about the plight of Gambians.

People should note that these bad people will try all means to infiltrate the coalition through relatives, friends or even offering bribes. The coalition must not betray the trust of the Gambian people by associating itself with crooks and heartless criminals like Muhammed Bazzi.

Thank you.

Concerned Gambian

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