Gambia: President Elect Asked To Be Given Time To React To Jammeh’s Annulment Of His Electoral Victory

Gambia’s President elect Adama Barrow, said he cannot make any definitive reaction to Yahya Jammeh’s annulment of the Presidential elections for now, until he consults with his Transitional Team. Mr. Barrow was speaking in an interview with TFM television, a Senegalese based TV station owned by Youssou Ndour.

“I am in a meeting right now. I cannot make any statement until the meeting ends,” Barrow said.

The TFM anchors made unsuccessful attempts to solicit President Barrow’s reaction to Jammeh’s annulment of the results but to no avail.

“ I cannot make any statement at this time. You need to contact later so that I can make a statement. I will inform the press in due time if I am ready to make a statement,” President elect Barrow said.

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