Gambia: The Men Behind The Election Coup!

Dear Pa,

I read the postings of honourable Sidi Sanneh this afternoon. He provided us with the list of names of evil Gambians who are behind the mad decision of Yahya Jammeh on the election results. The names given by Sidi must have been the ones that discussed at State House when they came an expressed to their mad leader that ” how are we going to live with these big enemies on top”. These were the words of Bala Jahumpa and Babou Gaye Sonko before the stupid Sahoiu Njie took the floor and started vomiting lies about violence against APRC supporters.

Pa, prior to devil Jammeh meeting, these APRC militants, he had a discussion with his Jola council, but CDS Ousman Badgie was not invited. Present were

  1. Yaya Jammeh
  2. Saul Badgie
  3. Yankuba Badgie
  4. Lamin Sanyang Ports Authority
  5. Nyassi MD NAWEC
  6. Amadou Colley Governor Central Bank
  7. Sanyang, MD Gamtel
  8. Umper Mendy
  9. Amadou Tamba

Pa, these were the key men in that meeting. They agreed that they should instigate an intervention from ECOWAS and when they are asked to hand over power to the civilians, they will give it to either Amadou Colley or Lamin Sanyang and in the interim, they will honour Yahya Jammeh, as King with the full support of the Speaker of the Assembly.

Pa, this team of bandits also discussed the amount of dollars in Yahya account’s under the name of  Mr. Samba. They tasked Amadou Colley to facilitate the quick transfer of those funds to other names as a matter of urgency. Pa, if you know anybody at Central Bank, tell them to watch as there will be large amount of cash movement. Those people should report any unsual amount to the coalition team.

In another issue, General Badgie and Yankuba Badgie, are more than confused. They expressed surprised with the level of international response to the President’s remarks. They have put strong plans in place to eliminate both yourself and Fatou should you step your foot in Banjul for the inauguration ceremony.

Pa, confirm this story by calling the officers mentioned in this story and see if they will deny it. All of them are not up to anything good.

Please keep my identity for now. I will give you more information on the US DOLLAR Samba has been trading for Yahya Jammeh and the amount of money Jammeh took from Guaranty Trust Bank, Skye Bank and Zenith Bank before the campaign. Now he said he is not going to pay. We are talking about over D250 Million and Amadou Colley and Ministry of Finance are AWARE of this.

At the ministry of Finance, Yahya Jammeh has exhausted the US accounts as he keep requesting hundreds of thousands every week. All these plus the atrocities committed are lingering in the heads of these few mad guys. As a result, they keep asking where will we go.

In my next posting, I will disclose how Social Security rocked pensioners funds through their investment in GTSC to the extent of borrowing millions of Dollars from FIB Bank again guaranteed by Governor Colley of Central Bank. These tells you why the banks don’t care much in Gambia because they know the Central Bank and Yahya Jammeh are responsible for the current bad economic situation.

Thanks for now.

Written By An Insider

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