Gambia: Jammeh Rejecting Election Result: What Is The Position Of Law?

Dear Pa,

I wish there was a smooth transition of power peacefully in the Gambia from Dictator Jammeh to Barrow. While planning how I should be
contributing to the new Gambia, I received unsurprised news that Dictator Jammeh has rejected the election results and calls for fresh and independent election by a God fearing IEC.

Pa, Jammeh has a right to accept the result constitutionally, similarly he has a right to reject the results. No problem with that. Contendants can freely accept or reject the results. Ousainou Darboe did that some years ago the Gambia did not disappear from the world map.

What I do not think Jammeh can do is to call for fresh elections. Again, this is where I would have recommended Mama Fatima Singhateh
sacked and ban from practicing law under the Barrow government. That is her role to advise the President. in case she don’t know let me offer her free legal advise so that she can use it and restore peace in the Gambia.

Mama Fatima Singhateh, look at the constitution of the Gambia governing election revise commission. Mama Fatima Singhateh, look at
the electoral laws. If a party or contender challenges the declared election results, he/she may take up the matter to the election revise commission, constituted by the CJ and your self because you control the Judiciary and Ministry. In this commission, the panelist will
revised region by region, pulling station , by polling station and check against names of voters and their card numbers who were believed to have voted.

The Supreme court is the final adjudicator in this matter as a last resort for Jammeh and not to sit at State House, after consulting Mama
Fatima Singhateh and XXX Drxxxh. The law is very clear this can be done before Adama Barrow is sworn in Jammeh and not a fresh elections. It is only the Supreme court that can anul the election results and recommend for a fresh elections and not you Jammeh.


Pa, I will mention manes here. Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang is to blame for anything that happens in the Gambia. I do know all her children
are presently not with us in the Gambia so she doesn’t care much. “We will arrest him, we will prosecute him, we will not allow him to go to his Kanilai palace, he is dangerous, he is a rebel….“`Now there you go Madam Tambajang.

The release of Darboe also contributed to all this. His first statement said it all. He said “when i learnt of the elections results, I cried remembering the people who dies in the process“. That mean a lot to Jammeh.


Pa I can swear that the Chairman did that for a purpose. Jammeh paid him to erroneously announce a wrong figure and amend them again. So that, HE CAN REJECT THEM. That was cooked up by the NIA and Chairman IEC with Malleh Wadda. Watch out they will be arrested, detained and prosecuted just to legitimize the whole process. BUT they will all be freed after Jammeh winning elections. They have no choice that is what they were told and has to accept it.

Pa, Jammeh knows full well he killed, he make people disappear, he stole, he mismanaged and committed the highest in the Gambia when it
comes to crimes, so the man was literally fragile and was waiting for any moment to reject the results and die rather than getting arrested by civilians and persecuted.

I warned Gambians that Adama Barrow may not be sworn in as president.assuming all three candidates agree to go for a fresh elections, Pa, I
bet my last savings, there will never be a coalition again because during this short period, UDP though they were the only ones who worn the elections for Barrow and isolated all others. If that happens Jammeh will defeat them and remain the President.

From  A Concerned Gambian

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