Gambia: For the good of our republic, Gambians must vote for change on Dec 1st to end this rancid chapter of our history

Barely 24 hours left for the elections, Yaya Jammeh have send out a sobering and grave reminder that Gambians should vote for Coalition and how dangerous it for him to lead the Gambia. Naturally as expected,  Gambians clearly showed the dictator that —they want  this rancid chapter of our history ended by December 1st  after he came back empty handed while  chasing the sawdust trails of people who left him for the coalition.  After all, coalition have wisely avoided falling for all the  tricks from his basket of deplorables. And each time he calls out, Gambians turn  their other cheek away, trudged over, deliberately looking away and turned their faces  to the coalition. Those whom are force to attend,  roll their eyes away at his empty expressions or smiled a tight smile that never quite spread to their eyes — a telltale sign that Gambians are done with him. Yaya tried everything — even appearing to sound upbeat, but reality starting sinking in his chicken brain. Not anymore Yaya Jammeh. Now politics is personal because it affects every house hold. Naturally as expected, Yaya Jammeh is unapologetically blurring the path towards  an inevitable  victory for the coalition and  a chance for a  new beginning  for Gambia. And that said, he is now shredding the strings of the low ethical standards he himself setup and reverse everything agreed upon at the IEC. That is hardly far-fetched. Boilerplate this may be, he is  clearly nervous of his back pushed against the wall.

Noting that the traditional APRC path to victory relying on their tribal bunkers of voters  seems impossible and incomprehensible with all the massive crowds backing  coalition, he is back with his usual dirty tricks to steal away the elections. This year elections unlike the past elections is different. Politicians have coalesce together and  young Gambians throughout the world have banded together—a legitimate social media campaign  —that twisted the arms of dictatorship and serve destructive means to the foundations that once strongly  held up dictatorship in the Gambia. Ultimately, the very things we worried about this elections, are becoming increasingly evident. Although Yaya Jammeh  has perfected the art of stealing to  become one of the most prolific authors of election rigging among all the dictators left in the world, but this time around— he is just scared and lashing out at a rapidly changing Gambia. He seems so confused that he delivers his answers to the void— even when he had the chance to seem sympathetic to his political victims. He is unable to make human connection his hands are all stained with blood.

Knowing  his party is in disarray and even in scarier shape going to the polls within 24hours, — and  there is  no possible way to win this election, a nervous  Yaya Jammeh began to play psychological mind game with Gambians. Well  bullies only experience peace when they are cruel . Most disturbing,  for the past 48 hrs,  Yaya Jammeh started bribing the military with 11 cars, importing hundreds of non-Gambians citizens to vote in various voting locations, importing magicians to perform  tricks at  IEC poll workers, pre-printing victory T-Shirts for phycological wars, moving poll stations in various police  locations, buying voters cards through intimidation  and shutting down the international gateway system at Gamtel— denying Gambians  access to international calls and internet Services. It’s all so pathetic. Similarly, It’s really hard to believe these military men— just for 11 cars, will go all-out assault against citizens to derive pleasure from being humiliated or mistreated by Yaya Jammeh down the road. Personally, many Gambians have shown disdained of Yaya Jammeh’s leadership to the point of begging him to leave to his country of choice with everything he have stolen. No one wants a leader that have tremendous hatred of Gambians  in his heart, looming growls of fury constantly on his face  and aggression towards our women.

Clearly ,Yaya Jammeh’s disconnect with reality has created  many albatross of sandals and many existential crisis for the Gambia. Gambians are tired. He himself displays a persona of being superficially happy  but he is  profoundly miserable. Going forward, Gambians have to come out massively tomorrow with courage and stand together to  vote for Adama Barrow. Moreover, the future of this country is not going to be found on December 2nd — if anyone votes in any other ballot  or stay  home. Where Gambia goes from there is anybody’s guess if we don’t vote massively for the coalition. Every Gambians is aware the crimes of Yaya Jammeh and the disastrous policies—  has been like a flash flood that sweeps away the topsoil of our democracy, rub us off our opportunities , reveals all the moral weakness of our people and widens the chasms of our divisions through his chameleon tendencies, and cracks below all pillars of our nationhood. No other consideration drove Gambians —  to vote for Adama Barrow more that giving yourself a chance to breathes the sweet air of freedom beginning December 2nd  and beyond.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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