Gambia: Emmanuel Nkea turns down Supreme Court job as Jammeh regime teeters on brink of collapse

In yet another crushing blow to Jammeh, former high court judge Emanuel  Nkea has announced his decision to refuse attempts to engage his services  in a judicial capacity for Jammeh.

While  expressing concern about the escalating political situation in The Gambia, he said:

“As an adoptive son of The Gambia and having served The Gambia in diverse capacities in the legal sector with diplomatic privileges, I am legitimately concerned with the developments in The Gambia.

I commend and support the position taken by the Pan African Lawyers Union and endorse the position of The Gambia Bar Association  in it’s entirety with reference to the ensuing post election impasse in The Gambia.

In solidarity therefore, I reject any attempt to re-engage my services under the current dispensation. God Bless The Gambia”.

Written By Sainey Darboe

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