Gambia: Ebou Jallow more than willing to appear before any court to testify against Jammeh, seeks justice for Koro Ceesay

Former junta spokesman, Ebou Jallow, has indicated his willingness to serve as a witness against former Gambian tyrant Yahya Jammeh before ICC or any other court.

While seeking forgiveness from those he might have offended , even as he offers his own forgiveness to those who might have wronged him , Mr Jallow declared :
“I am living the proudest moment of my life: Jammeh’s egomania is shellacked, and Gambians are free and living in peace.  It has been a long, lonely, depressing and bitter 21 years struggle for me.  I forgive all those that seriously did me wrong in the Struggle, and I also ask for forgiveness to those I offended during this process.  We are only human after all.  Soon, the truth shall prevail in The Gambia, and justice shall be done finally in the name of my old friend, the late Koro Ceesay.
“Yaya Jammeh will appear before the ICC soon.  Allahu Akbar!I am more than willing to appear before any court.  I am the one who told the world what Yaya was doing”.
Written by Sainey Darboe
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