Gambia: In Defense of our inherent Right to Democracy

I woke up this morning folks, to the astounding and incredibly shocking news that Yahya has rejected the election results, and virtually re-instated himself as head of state. If we were ever to be worried about our beloved nation and people, this is it folks. But, I urge you to brace yourselves for what will undoubtedly unfold before our eyes over the next couple of weeks.

It is my opinion, that there has never been a more legitimate reason for an uprising by the masses thanYahya’s declaration at a press conference last night. We are at a precarious moment in our history, where bloodshed is almost inevitable, Either Yahya will be removed through foreign intervention, or by the gallant citizenry of our beloved nation. There’s no easier way to portray this

I urge you all therefore, to pray and brace yourselves. I call on every citizen to be courageous in battle, and magnanimous in duty in defense of our beloved nation. Once again, it is time to make a stand against tyranny.

Written By A Concerned Reader

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