Gambia: Breaking News: ” I Am The President Elect, And Not Yahya Jammeh,” Barrow, As Power Struggle Hits Gambia!

President elect Adama Barrow, has dismissed dictator Yahya Jammeh’s annulment of his electoral victory. Mr. Barrow maintains that dictator Jammeh has no rights to annul the results of the elections. Barrow was speaking in an interview with TFM TV.

“I am Gambia’s President elect and not Yahya Jammeh. We strongly condemn Jammeh’s statement annulling the results of the elections. I am the President elect. Jammeh doesn’t have the right to annul the election results,” Barrow maintains.

Mr. Barrow said he is going to invite the press on Saturday, to formally debunk Jammeh’s false claims of annulling the results of the elections. He told TFM that he and his Transition Team are meeting to resolve the matter.

President elect Barrow also talked about the failed meeting that was scheduled between him and Jammeh. He said it was Jammeh who refused to meet him.

He also talked about GRTS refusing to cover his press conference or according him access to the state media since his electoral victory. Mr. Barrow won the elections. He captured 43% of the total votes cast, while dictator Yahya Jammeh had 40%. GDC Leader Mama Kandeh had 17% of the total votes cast.

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