Gambia: Breaking News: Present And Former Nigerian Mercenary Judges Aiding Jammeh To Nullify President Elect Adama Barrow’s Victory

Present and former Nigerian mercenary judges, have contributed immensely towards dictator Yahya Jammeh’s recent reversal of his post-election concession speech, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Sources reaching us intimated that the former Chief Justice of The Gambia, Akomaye Agim, who is now working as an Appeal Court Judge at his native country, Nigeria, still has strong interest in the Gambian judiciary. Agim is said to be pulling the strings from a distance. He is actively connected to the Gambia, even though he is away.

The villain Gambian Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy, and Agim had a close relationship, which is beyond work related relationship, a source familiar with the ongoing electoral coup spearheaded by Jammeh and his Nigerian mercenary judges told this medium. Agim, said our source, has been instrumental in advising Jammeh to challenge the results of the Presidential elections, through VP Njie Saidy, Justice Minister Mama Singhateh, and the puppet ignoramus Chief Justice Emmanuel Fangbale.

If all plans went well, the Nigerian sellout legal luminaries will side with Jammeh to annul the election results. Such a move would no doubt going to render the Gambia ungovernable. But Jammeh and his cronies caresless. Genodicide is on the mind of Jammeh and his enablers. They are determined to spill blood before their imminent departure.

As rightly argued by the Bar ineterim President Sheriff Tambaidou and Lawyer Mai Fatty, of the Transition Team, there is no functional Supreme Court to hear the matter. But  that will not stop Jammeh from using some rogue Nigerian judges to constitute the panel that would hear his frivolous election petition complaint.

The good news is that President Buhari of Nigeria will be travelling to The Gambia on Tuesday to talk sense to Jammeh. He is going to be accompanied by other regional leaders. It is our fervent hope that sanity will prevail from the Banjul meeting on Tuesday.

Jammeh might work out a deal with Buhari and co to guarantee his safety and that of his family if he ever backdowns from his planned move to challenge the results of the elections. We are closely monitoring developments.


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