Gambia: Breaking News: GRTS’S Lamin Manga Jumps Ship, As Manga Flees Banjul!

Where is Lamin Manga of GRTS? We mean the GRTS Managing Director. Mr. Manga has been missing from the public view since President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory. Mr. Manga is said to be on the run. He was said to have refused to switch off GRTS on election night after he was instructed by dictator Yahya Jammeh to do so. Mr. Manga reportedly left Banjul the next morning.

A source who reached us said Mr. Manga has not been reporting to work lately. He fears retribution from the mad dog Kanilai monster. He refuses to implement Jammeh’s orders to disrupt GRTS transmission on election night.

Mr. Manga could not be reached for immediate comment.

Freedom Radio Gambia contacted a relative of Mr. Manga, who is resident overseas, and she told us that she tried reaching Mr. Manga on Monday but to no avail. She phoned Mr. Manga on his cellular phone on Sunday, but he never picked up.

“It is somehow weird. Lamin is good at responding to my messages. He never gotten back to me since on Monday,” she said.

There has been a mass exodus of government workers, including Jammeh enablers from the country since President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory. Many have absconded to Senegal.

In another development,credible and reliable information reached Freedom Radio Gambia, few minutes prior to going to press confirming that Mr. Manga has indeed flee the country.  Mr. Manga arrived in Moscow, Russia, few days ago. He is the Counsel General for the Russian Federation to The Gambia. Mr. Manga has abandoned his job at GRTS to resettle in Russia. He jokingly told a source: ” Mangee Hussle.” Meaning in English  ” I am hustling.”


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