Gambia: Breaking News: As Jammeh’s Arrest Is Imminent; Gen. Saul Badjie Evacuates His Wife And Children To Senegal!

General Saul Badjie has evacuated his wife and kids to Senegal, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The General’s family arrived in Dakar on Saturday. They are being hosted at a property not far from the airport. The Gambian government owns a property around the airport area in Dakar. This medium was able to speak to Badjie’s family through third party credible sources. The battle against Jammeh is almost over! His Generals have started working out exit route deals ahead of Jammeh’s imminent fall.

General Badjie is going to abandon dictator Yahya Jammeh, when things get tougher. There is no doubt Jammeh is going to be captured sooner or later. His loyalists will not put up a serious fight for him. That’s a done deal. Collateral damage will be avoided. You can only chop a tree if the roots are taken care of. Jammeh has been infiltrated!

The Senegalese government is aware of the presence of General Badjie’s family in Dakar. Badjie’s family have been granted an unofficial safe heaven for now, pending the arrest of Yahya Jammeh.

There are so many movements taking place in Banjul. Jammeh is no longer in control of the State House. It is a question of when he would be picked up.  This medium can authoritatively report that the likes of General Badjie will not hesitate to jump ship if  things get tougher.

Jammeh is fooling himself. His desperate attempts to buy support and loyalty will not work. His so called loyalists will rather side with Gambians and the international community than defending an illegitimate despot.

General Badjie and his family have been in contact since their arrival here in Dakar. They traveled by land to Dakar.


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