Gambia: Breaking News: Jammeh And Co Embark On A Massive Looting Of Foreign Exchange At The Central Bank Of The Gambia!

There has been massive cash movement within and outside the Central Bank of The Gambia, since President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory, Freedom Radio Gambia, can authoritatively report. Yahya Jammeh and his close confidants, have been embarked on a massive looting of the bank’s Foreign Exchange Department. Pretty soon the CBG would be declared insolvent (bankrupt).

It has been gathered that dictator Yahya Jammeh, has been using his emissaries to traffic foreign currency for him outside the frontiers of the West African nation. Millions of dollars have been secretly moved from the Bank to an unknown destination, according to Central Bank insiders.

Those associated with the secret cash smuggling includes some government Ministers claiming to be going on missions overseas. Senegal, Gambia’s neighbor has been used as a secret route for the illegal money trafficking. Senegalese intelligence community should beef up security both on land and sea now towards President elect Barrow’s inauguration.

Central Bank insiders have confirmed about the massive withdrawal of foreign exchange from the bank. The insiders said Yahya Jammeh, has been the main man behind the clandestine dubious transactions.

In another development, Jammeh and his surrogates have embarked on destroying paper trail evidence that might link them to economic crime and corrupt practices. The Central Bank is currently being looted by Jammeh and his cronies. The international community should act swiftly before Jammeh would cash out the remaining meagre resources at the bank. This is a dying economic nation.

Written By A Staff Writer

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