Gambia: Breaking News: Gamtel MD Baboucarr Sanyang Arrives In Dakar!

Gamtel MD Baboucarr Sanyang, has been spotted in Dakar. He arrived in the Senegalese capital few days ago. He is chilling with his girlfriend. It is not clear if he is on the run, but our sources said the Jammeh enabler is currently in Dakar.

As soon as Sanyang cheeked in Karang, a Senegalese border post, our sources contacted us. Sanyang has been frequenting Senegal in recent times. He used to marry to a lady there. But that marriage is no more. He is now dating another lady.

“Mr. Mbai, a piece info for you.  Mr. Baboucarr Sanyang, Director of Gamtel is chilling out with his girlfriend. I do not know if he is on the verge of absconding. Baboucarr Sanyang had married a Senegalese woman, who he has now abandoned. I will keep you posted with developments,” said our source.

Mr. Sanyang has over the years been aiding and abetting the Kanilai monster. Gamtel’s funds have been plundered by Jammeh and his enablers. Gamtel is one of the most backward telecommunication companies on earth today.

Mr. Baboucarr Sanyang cannot escape justice. He has been working with Jammeh and co to deny the country economic prosperity. Gamtel’s international call terminated fees are being pocketed by the dictator and his cronies.

The Senegalese government should keep an eye on Sanyang. He will be an important witness against Jammeh, should President elect Barrow takeover in January. He should explain how come Gamtel has been transformed as a Jammeh property.

Written By An Editor

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