Gambia: Breaking News: EX-Charles Taylor Chief Bodyguard Gambian Born Suwandi Camara Is Jammeh’s Main Conduit For Rebel Recruitment

Ex-Liberian President Charles Taylor’s Chief Bodyguard Gambian born Suwandi Camara, is the main conduit behind the recruitment of foreign fighters to help keep outgoing Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh in power, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. Mr. Camara has been tasked by Jammeh to manage and coordinate of the arrival of the foreign fighters set to defend Jammeh in the event of an external invasion. Mr. Camara’s name came up during Charles Taylor’s trial at the Hague. He was complicit in aiding and abetting the former Liberian President war criminal.

Mr. Camara is very conversant with rebel warfare. He drives around town under the company of foreign fighters.

The United Nations and the international community should act swiftly before Jammeh would wage a genocide in the impoverished West African nation.

Swandi Camara, used to be a former member of the defunct National Gendarmerie. He met Charles Taylor in Libya, where the duos developed friendship. Both Taylor and Swandi were at the time among the African nationals receiving military training at the Mataba military base.

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