Gambia: Breaking News: Army Officer Promoted To Help Suppress President Elect Barrow’s Victory Flees; Leaving His Official Car And Arms Behind!

He was an army Captain prior to dictator Yahya Jammeh’s, humiliating electoral defeat. But weeks later, he got promoted to the rank of Major. The dictator wanted officer Salifu Corr to side with him in his latest quest to steal President elect Adama Barrow’s electoral victory.

Once Corr realizes that Jammeh wanted to buy his support and loyalty, he decided to jump ship and defected to neighboring Senegal. Mr. Corr, was promoted together with 49 officers.

The Army officer, who embarked on an AWOL (absent without leave) flee the country together with his driver. They have since resettled in Senegal. He left his official vehicle behind.

“ A pistol and some AK 47 rifles were found in the vehicle at a compound at Amdalai,” said a former colleague of Major Corr.

Mr. Corr told RFM, a Senegalese private radio station that he decided to abandon the dictator in the best interest of the country. He says he doesn’t want to be used to suppress President elect Barrow’s Presidency.

“ I left the country after been promoted from the rank of Captain to Major. I decided to make my presence in Senegal known to the public. I am happy to be in Senegal; my home country. I refused to be used to suppress Barrow’s electoral victory,” Mr. Corr said.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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