Gambia: Yaya Jammeh’s bag of tricks is now empty. He is now slowing the inevitable fall of the regime by setting a democracy sobriety checkpoint throughout the country

Getting lost in the shuffle of dictatorship is fairly easy because Gambia is now full of sobriety checkpoints for democracy in an effort to suppress citizens. Essentially, and as you know, there is no way to sugarcoat this fact and it is it’s safe to say that the aging infrastructure of twenty years of dictatorship — is threatened by Team Gambia Coalition. The truth is—   the aging infrastructure of dictatorship can’t simply be maintained with the state’s ideology of sacrificial blood of Gambians — Yaya Jammeh’s bag of tricks is now empty. Moreover, upgrades for the regime’s decaying pillars of dictatorship are not imminently possible for a system which was built on a lie 23 years ago in 1994. Gambians now see clearly Yaya Jammeh’s only remedy enhancements are costlier because it demands lives of children’s, virgin girls and other barbaric crimes against all our values. Although it may surely seem a daunting task and challenging task for the coalition to open the eyes of every brainwashed Gambians — with no sense of reality (yet heartbreaking), no idea that they may be hurting themselves supporting this regime and possibly endangering others. As we enter the last days before December 1st, the dictator is clearly worried about the accelerating pace of challenge he faces this time around and the unwavering commitment of Gambians to end his regime peacefully. In short, the tables have turned because the dictator is at the mercy of his militia army and his free loaders of enablers —determined to rig the elections.

The chief pied piper of Gambia— have caused tragedies of unimaginable pain and sorrow that beat the living daylights out of one’s fate. The devastating Stories of names of the Gambians calling out “the name of their lord” — until they run out of breath whiles butchered by regime villains, are quickly filling his book of death list. Their last words are the pain we live by in our memories.  Yaya Jammeh made  sure Gambians keep drying out their tears constantly and ensures— no one is able to square their shoulders after learning about his dark deeds. Today, there are so many countless mothers who will never again  able to rocked their infants to sleep— because they have been sacrificed. Too many Gambians— especially the diasporians weren’t able to kiss last minute good bye to their dying parents. Several young childrens will never be able to  have their fathers walked them  down to school because Yaya Jammeh took their  life away .A dying persons wish of  being buried — close to their parents resting place are never fulfilled or  their  dead bodies denied entry to Gambia — the likes of Buba Baldeh(RIP). The words of Yaya Jammeh that “Solo Sandeng’s body will never be found in million years” after feeding it to his crocodiles, are just few of the sobering realities of the dangers we Gambians faced every day . There are countless individuals like him whose bodies were never allowed to be given proper Muslim rituals.

Why and how did this all happen to Gambia — one may ask? Simply put, Yaya Jammeh have his own profound spiritual belief (jalangs worshipper) — which does not allow virtues  of being genuinely  compassion for  others—  in the goodness of humanity nor a sincere dedication to serve humanity. Since its very founding, Gambia has served as a beacon of freedom and exemplar of hope throughout the African sub region. But that mantle has slipped right off the Atlantic coast since 1994—  when a bandit in the name of Yaya Jammeh, ceased our democracy and turned it into his personal egg nest of dictatorship. Every pillar that held our nationhood has fallen rapidly ever since. Life of our citizens — deteriorated fairly significantly because of increasing brutal state human sacrificial ideology, a weaken rule of law and misguided wars on citizens — almost back to slavery levels of colonial era. But if some of the worrying trends that can be seen above continue, Gambia will completly be regarded as a failed state — because the regime has become increasingly complacent in disappearing Gambians and heavy-handed in exiling majority of critics in recent decades.

From the outset, in every way, Yaya Jammeh launched an  ill-advised tribal war on Gambians.  He shattered the unity of our tolerance and left the country deeply divided. It turns out, as is so often the case, that when you look into the history of Yaya Jammeh , the only thing you could trace with a straight line is nothing but a person with an orgy overstuffed with hate and ill will grievances. Although, much of the visual imagery he puts out there was conjured up to deceive people. It isn’t authentic. Virtually every aspect of his deeds — are not exactly that of a good Muslim. whatever impression he puts out there and however confused or confusing —it is a well calculated strategy which always moves alongside with inevitable sorrow for the citizens and pain for the country. The philosophy of Yaya Jammeh is a mismatched for Gambia because he raises himself and his criminal activity above the limits sets by GOD. In short, he have made it easier for himself and his criminals to steal properties, bulldoze hard working diasporians homes he don’t like  and pawn off everything he has stolen in his  possessions. Gangs continue to menace our neighborhoods and kidnapping our citizens.

The cake of victory for the Gambian people in many ways, is already baked by the coalition. The regime is trying to beat the marble count by importing Senegalese citizens of Cassamance— to help them make up their shortfalls. The coalition is determined to serve freedom to Gambia in December 2nd. Yaya Jammeh has nothing to offer except trading insults, fear and innuendoes in an effort to get votes. Gambians understand that ultimately, our peace of mind — lies in voting for the coalition. The coalition is here for all Gambians because —It is at historical times like these we are reminded the most of our obligation to one another as members of one Gambian family — to help the country in times of need; to lend a hand to the coalition, an ear to them or a heart in friendship to our elders and a full support with our votes. The days of this regime are numbered and it is not a question of —if but when it shall come to an end. The question, therefore, shouldn’t twenty-two years of destructive leadership that is fueled by out-of-control gangs be enough? Under our current leadership of APRC regime, they have done very little for Gambia’s process but they are quick to put their heads in the sand to ignore all these real problems they have created with their own hands.

Lastly, to soldiers, we ask you to stand in solidarity with your citizens whom have been troubled needlessly for twenty two years by Yaya Jammeh. There is no doubt that there has been some misinformation, misunderstanding, flawed advice and analysis about coalition pushed forward by negative mind peddlers about soldiers losing their jobs —   if dictator Jammeh falls. This deliberate misstatement is best illustrated by the absurdly hyperbolic negative headlines by the regime. We hope to replace some of these myths with facts. Of course, there are the worries about bad few rotten apples amongst you. Thankfully, the coalition will  put forwards a model that ensures solders don’t only keep their jobs, but will enjoy lots of benefits, salary increases and guarantees. Overall, the larger issue, however, is—   soldiers suffer a lot under Yaya Jammeh. Unfortunately, only few of his Hench men are thriving and enjoying stolen moneys. Please vote with the coalition —to end the extensive unnecessary slavery labor bestow on you or your families  by Yaya Jammeh ; end the long unnecessary  standby like we are a nation as war; end the corruptive practice of Yaya Jammeh deducting your hard earned peace keeping money; end the practice of being setup and accused by Yaya Jammeh; and the kidnapping of citizens to satisfy Yaya Jammeh’s idol sacrificial wishes. And it is a shame —to vote for the regime that made you suffer a lot and killed your fellow comrades. Now, therefore, please vote for Adama Barrow— for the great degree of tranquility.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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