Gambia: Yaya Jammeh’s attitudinal footprints—gives us a sense of a dark future if he is allowed to turn Gambia into his own personal egg nest

Thanks, in parts, to Yaya Jammeh —  go any direction you want looking at rear-view mirror of two decades’ worth of a comprehensive review of the unprecedented rising precarity of dictatorship that— Gambia experienced under his regime, you will arrive at the same shocking disbelief. A further concern of his attitudinal footprints and turning our country into a personal nest egg of breeding ground of barbaric dictatorship, gives us a sense of how dark the future will be — if Yaya Jammeh is fraudulently allowed to permanently reshape our country. But, increasingly, Gambia’s bumpkin dictator’s recurrent complaints of huffing and puffing out toxic fumes of anger, is all because his name has been rendered synonymous with brutality. Every Gambian have a chance for a comprehensive review of the consequence of unprecedented dictatorship in our country — and undoubtedly, his rhetoric has put our country through the lowest moments in history. Add to that the damage done by Yaya Jammeh to our country.

Gambians whom are known be very hardworking — are having difficulty sustaining their standard of living because everything is controlled by the dictator. Perhaps the most troubling problem of being hounded by ultra-dictatorship is that — our country has been sank by so many enormous challenges — from the worst forms of political exploitation to the dismantling of our cultural landscape — that generations worked very hard with few resources to build. Just about everyone agrees that Yaya Jammeh — is a mean spirited individual and an ineffective political vessel. He has only one-dimensional solutions to the complex problems he created. Simply, stay in power regardless of the fact — Gambians seemed determined to find their own direction to freedom. Among the most interesting insights: No matter how much we might deplore his behavior — whether it is his attitudes or his chameleon tendency of creating tension-fraught of divisions within communities, he will never take anything seriously. That may be the future with Yaya Jammeh because he will continue fostering much deeper problems.

For one, it is a cruel irony that Yaya Jammeh feels like he must stay in power for the rest of his life expectancy. At the same time, however, the man spends all his years in power disenfranchising Gambians into groups and putting our country through long-duration of depression era levels never seen before throughout the region. As things stand today, it remains to be seen what he can offer Gambians except— putting our nation to an accelerating trajectory backwardness, make the country hated throughout the word and bringing terror to every door step. Notwithstanding, the probable guarantee of listing Gambia as a state sponsor of terror is highly likely— in virtually all the misadventures of Yaya Jammeh and his villains engaging into witch-hunting of Gambian citizens throughout the world. Further concern is— regrettably, our country’s superlatives standings in every possible measure— have changed from mostly positive to largely negative.

Undoubtedly, Yaya Jammeh’s shameful performance and staying in power after decades of unprecedented coup detat’—have weekend Gambia and created a surprised backdrop of everything good Gambia was known for.  Life at the Local Level is affected severely— because they have lost all their farm lands to Yaya Jammeh, experienced the worst hostility from the regime when seeking payment from their harvest and their young man to backway. At the same time, there is much distrust in our central institutions more than ever. The regime have milked all of our once glorious institutions as such as— Gamtel, ports authority, SSFCH  and flipped them into dispiriting political brawl. Tensions over class and political identity have destroyed all our military institutions and caused so much frustrations and divisions within Gambian workforce. All these mentioned aren’t going away if any of you gives their votes to Yaya Jammeh. The regime doesn’t seem to care about ordinary Gambians nor have the will to address the complex economic inequality it created. Many unbelievable real problems— many of them rooted in policies that encourages—  inequalities, division and toxic enmity between Gambians are peddled by this regime.  Gambians have higher confidence in the leadership that forms the team Gambia coalition and ultimately, the road to recovery for our country lies with their votes for Adama Barrow.

Generally, it is agreed, It’s time to move from campaign mode to get about the vote action. Yaya Jammeh does not value the lives of ordinary Gambian except for his family. The killings will continue unabated and the clear challenge will remain. An ordinary solder, civil servant or teacher salary are stagnant between D1500—D3000, whiles Zainab’s handlers—including their nannies, hair dressers or Indonesian maid, normally pocket at least $10,000 per month. Each encounter they have with ordinary Gambian, turns into intemperate brawls of deplorable comments. They wash their hands with sanitizers or express disgust behind the scenes about our mothers and fathers supporting them. How much more can we tolerate this? It’s time for change. No one should sell their voters cards or get intimidated by the regime. Keep them in secure place and vote for Adama barrow on December 1st .

By habib ( A concerned Gambian)

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