Gambia: A Vote for Yaya Jammeh means —endorsing every deplorable thing that is wrong with Gambia today

One of the maddening aspects of the regime is— the anticipatory nature of their policies are based on the grim paradox of looking backward, making remarkable preconceptions about things of the past and hunting every past irrevocable circumstances of their grievances during their childhood. Being born with lesser chances in life— a disadvantaged background and humble circumstance like many of us, Yaya Jammeh ties that as a fault of Sir Dawda’s regime and therefore blames his lineage for every conceivable circumstances. For example, he develops a personal vendetta against innocent people who happen to have “Mandinka” in their lineage, blames Mandinka’s in every meeting he has and highlight every single issue to the whole group . That is one of many other examples of the cruel consequences of seemingly tying all his decisions and policies— base on personal vendetta. Also with the candidacy of Lawyer Darboe right after the coup, supercharged his haltered for such citizens and raised it to an art form of going after people.

This is a — a fact duly noted when April 14th event occurred, his men killed Solo Sandeng unnecessarily in a disturbing pattern of mutilation and horrendous murder. One of the ugliest aspects of these crimes against such people is their brutality. Then came the April 16th event were as — he jailed the entire UDP executives for 3 years without any justification and his spate of attacks were targeted against such people. It certainly didn’t help— when many attest to the fact that his baleful resentment is also base on ancient superstition. However, it was troubling that — others claimed that it is in fact something he fabricated. The etiology of this epidemic is complex and it should be branded as hate crimes — because it is alien to all the cultures in Gambia. So it’s best to leave it as that— because no Gambian can really understand it. Hence, the foregoing allegations of Bakau residence being witches and conspiracy theory against this particular group is never ends.

Ironically, when Yaya came to power through coup detat’, his mind was preoccupied with the presumably unhappy childhoods and adulthood personal grievances. He felt there was a long overdue backlash against fajara residence’s success of hard work and he couldn’t abide the fact that they had the fairest beautiful wives back then. The first venture of his personal grievance was to destroy fajara residence families and bombarded them with the most awful embarrassments in many humiliating ways. He used to be posted as— security personnel in government ministers homes. The first thing he did was targeted them — with unique outbursts of frustration , confiscated most homes, most of their business— and later humiliated them in the worst possible ways. Having been bombarded with unfounded allegations of corruption, Yaya Jammeh made videos about how fajara residence ate their “Grills all to bare bones” — without even offering any part of it or leaving some for cats loitering around. Today, he would stand with pride, merrily mocking them by claiming women from villages can’t be distinguish with city women.

Nevertheless, Yaya Jammeh does not attempt to see what the actual consequences of such policies have been. His behavioral standards and celebration of intolerance are very hurtful to Gambians. His prevailing preconceptions of colonialist and all their crimes against humanity — forms Yaya Jammeh’s world view againt the west. Everything that he does is base on the view, which entails such ideology . Yaya Jammeh claims to be looking forward but the remarkable amount of the things he says and does —are based on looking backward. Indeed, saying all the wrong things and removing Gambian form commonwealth— is the biggest blunder hurting us badly. Gambia is, unfortunately, as politically polarized as ever, and yet it remains plagued with the same problems it had yesterday. And, yet, our biggest problems persist, unresolved.

How all this will end is by no means clear when Jammeh is giving another 5 year term. Yaya Jammeh and his regime proposals seems impractical and politically unworkable despite the promise of tuning Gambia into a hub where “Whites” will come to seek jobs as maids— according to him. That idea tells you everything you need to know about this regime seriousness. The coalition proposals seem very achievable and it is full of measures that includes all Gambians as first class citizens. Looking ahead, no one will be harmed or targeted with uniting sentiments. it is inevitable that we vote for change. To our solders, here is a chance to repent for your error — participating in 1994 coup with your vote. This also goes for everyone whom had done some wrong to our nation. Our country need repentance from everything of the past 22 years. Please cast your votes (marbles) for Adama barrow— in the Grey barrel.

By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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