Gambia: The regime is so desperate to create a firebreak against our momentum towards “the beginning of the beginning”

Just when you thought this election could not get any weirder, yet again, we found ourselves in a remarkable quagmire— with tremendous consequences as the regime desperately try to create a firebreak against our momentum towards “the beginning of the beginning” at every opportunity. From the horrors of revelations about Yaya Jammeh’s sacrificial wishes to naked pageantry drama of idoilistic matching events happening in our cities as the pendulum swings to the end era of APRC regime, yet again, Gambians are dissolved into tears and hanging our heads in disbelief, shell-shocked and rubbing the back of our heads whiles uttering the words “Could it possibly be true?”. The trends of sweeping sense of unparalleled ‘surprises’, that continue to move our way — often dramatically, cannot be simply ignored or describe as mere distractions. Anyone paying attention ought to see that for the chimera it is.

Tellingly, Yaya Jammeh’s marabout gave an interview with a prominent online radio, about his political business arrangements with the dictator. In an epic absurdity, he gave us two dates, that will forever cast a monstrous shadow of darkness in our hearts, if Yaya Jammeh has his ways —November 13 and November 15th. The idols of Yaya Jammeh are in need of 10 children to be sacrificed in poverty-stricken areas of different regions. What is very stressful and frustrating is— a man full of calumny bred in his bones, acts very different in public to fool the Gambian population. It is no surprise that this regime is sustained by violence in the name of such outlandish ideologies. it is worthwhile for Gambians to apply some common sense to abandon Yaya Jammeh. Gambians by now know that Yaya Jammeh naturally find solace in our division but this time around, we will give him the surprise of his life.  We all have to feel that warm nationalism— a basic confidence that Gambia would not be watched to go downhill.

There never has been a steady drip of revelations from those close to the heart of crimes and well-rehearsed about events. Keep in mind for years, the regime has effectively guarded against such information getting public, because those involved or able to put a magnifying glass on their crimes, do not live to tell their stories.  As pressure cranks up on Yaya Jammeh, he will slow or blocks Internet access to the online Gambian diasporian websites, hiring “trolls “of NIA or pro regime dudes— mainly diasporians from our neighboring southern border — to flood comments pages on Facebook or Twitter with pro-regime spam and paying hackers to vandalize online media sites. To paraphrase the Wolof proverb— Wolves don’t complain, until they discover that they, too, are regarded as sheep. Let’s be aware their internet call centers are ready to spew simplistic soundbites on issues that gets under our skin. Ironically, whenever we cast our nets out with the goal of catching things that constrain us, or unpack some of the prevailing assumptions that routinely defines out setbacks, we often get surprise pop offs contrary to our cause. Yet, that’s hardly the whole story, but we are determined to dust off ourselves and carry on because either way, our opportunity is now.

This tide of inhumanity is driven by Yaya Jammeh for the sole purpose to remain as Gambia’s ruler because his long line of failures and disappointments of twenty years, fails to inspire people. Ask yourself, how many promises do you believe won’t be broken by Yaya Jammeh in the next few weeks to elections? The credibility gap between his words and deeds, has yawns wider thus further souring the public taste for his regime. It’s a telling symbol of Gambians are fed up with Yaya Jammeh’s dysfunctional leadership. This is the worst Gambia has ever been. It’s very stressful that Yaya Jammeh uses our children for his idoilistic human sacrifice, but it is also frustrating that his wife now plunders the lunch boxes of our orphan children by panhandling at businesses for dollar currency.

It’s awkward to portray oneself as the saint if one practices idoilistic rituals. Perhaps predictably, our political ignorance of yesterday, helped raised a brutal regime— full of entitled whiners, stuck in pre-colonial mentality of barbarism [and] impossible to please, unless it involves our lives and blood. The Gambian people should ponder whether this model governance is the one we need to adopt at this juncture in our history. Despite all this evidence that this regime is bad for our country and for our families, some people keep increasing the dose of what’s killing us. Another 5 years’ dose of this regime, is just more of the same higher strength of deadly poisonous elixir that is unbearable for our country.

Well, along with the plain fact that the way our kids get killed by Yaya Jammeh’s Speeding convoy and nothing comes out of it, the revelations give us little reason to be very careful and put watchful eye on our children’s. There’s also this possibility: Several reports of suspicious activities of vehicles without number plates driving around town and two children has already gone missing around Wuli area. That is sobering. In light of this discouraging evidence, that may be the Aha! moment for all concerned Gambians to walk their kids to school and pick them thereafter. This regime is racing out of control, and some of those who are easily shortsighted by information overload, consequently get easily manipulated by the regime.

Hopefully, we are at the last months of a dying lame-duck regime and we shall pack away all these idols that claim the lives of many of our citizens. We can change all these fears and put them in the dustbins of history when we all stand up and vote for the coalition. If one stays at home on December 2nd or vote for anything other than coalition, it means a vote for a philosophy of failure, voting back the creed of ignorance that damage our country and  its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of responsibility of anything that Yaya Jammeh does to our People. So I urge all Gambians to come out and vote for the coalition.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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