Gambia: Mass Defection Exodus Hits The GDC Diaspora Wing, As Mama’s Supporters Defect To The New Opposition Alliance!

The newly formed Gambia Democratic Party (GDC) is being abandoned by some of its supporters in the diaspora, following GDC’S failure to join the opposition alliance. First to jump ship was Alhagie Sowe, one of the party’s key fundraisers. Mr. Sowe has since renounced his support for the GDC to join the newly formed opposition alliance. He has been online encouraging folks to support the new alliance financially.

soweNext to jump ship from the GDC, is one Gambian, who goes with the anonymous name Femi Mahoney. Mr. Mahoney, has been an ardent supporter of the GDC. He was even praised by the GDC Leader Mama Kandeh, during the launching of the party’s official website. Femi’s true identity is yet to be determined. He constantly post provoking threads on social media.

Mr. Mahoney has since defected to the new alliance led by Adama Barrow of the UDP. The new alliance is consists of different opposition parties. Femi, went on social media to renounce his support for the GDC in support of the new alliance.

Also to jump ship from the GDC, is one Mr. Kejera, a Gambian based in Holland. Mr. Kejera, has earlier sent an olive branch to Mama Kandeh to reconsider his decision and join the alliance. He reached out to Mr. Kandeh, during a phone in show on Freedom Radio Gambia. But Kandeh and his team went ahead to walk out from the alliance talks.

mc-cham-gdcEarlier on during the week, MC Cham, the GDC National Youth Mobilizer phoned the Editor of the Freedom Radio Gambia to raise the issue of Kejera’s purported membership with the GDC. Mr. Cham said he has learned that Kejera has been going around claiming to be a GDC member, when he is not.

“We do not have anyone by the last name Kejera residing in Holland, who is a registered member of the GDC. It is not true. He is not a member of the GDC,” MC Cham said.

MC said he will find time to come on air to debunk Kejera’s false claims. A source, who spoke to us said Kejera is part of the GDC diaspora wing. He was said to be instrumental in encouraging folks in Holland to rally support behind the GDC.

The GDC leadership could not be reached for immediate comment.

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