Gambia: Increasingly worried Yaya Jammeh is now chasing sawdust trails and making threats to revive his abandoned party

The regime is struggling, in retrospect— to separate an unforeseeably actual fact that  Yaya Jammeh’s name is becoming synonymous with somber history of brutality. His recent campaign can be comfortably predicted as a failure —  because no one has time for listening to his empty expressions, threatening the coalition, accusing the diasporia of trying to start a war and hurls of tribal epithet. What more can we expect from a wired bad man — whom have never been mistreated by the PPP government, tortured or any of his relatives killed? Every Gambian is aware of what happened to Solo Sandeng. They are all familiar with Lawyer Darboe and many others are in mile-2. To begin with,  the inescapable fact is  that—Gambians have held their deep breath for too long and willed away any judgmental thoughts about Yaya Jammeh in the past. As it stands now, the man spends years of his valuable time— caricaturing our pains, portray his opponents are vermin’s or roaches and labelling hardworking diasporians as uselessness complicated characters. Anti-Jammeh sentiments aren’t much better— because Yaya Jammeh has divided our political discourse to our detriment. After all, our minds are already cluttered with all of his crimes of humanity against Gambians, cruelly flipped and then dragged our country into the gutters with his deadly rhetoric. If he isn’t engaged in a series of deeply humiliating miscalculations, he is explodinly writing off many groups of Gambians or denying regions in certain communities’ developmental aid.

The irony, of course, is —the blindness of the regime elites deliberately ignoring and dividing Gambians, has set the stage for a political backlash. They want to de-escalate tense situations of Gambians nodding their heads and hymn with farewell complements as Yaya Jammeh fell off from his own wagon that brought him to power. Oddly, the regime is panic and deliberately using deception, fear, enticing some with money thinking that it might actually reverse the large trend of Gambians turning their back on them. Whatever they tried, the results are the same and their crowds are composed of —foreigners, our military, few diehards and small children. Given all of this, the regime knowing that they failed in their latest effort to reverse decades of Yaya Jammeh’s blunders, they continue their unbelievable campaign of throwing more and more people behind bars and misleading Gambians by taking away huge stashes of voter’s card from unsuspecting citizens. Such actions by the regime are meant to diminish the opposition margin of victory, harassing and fueling fear among voters. Such tensions are not new.

In one sense, everything about this regime have becomes clear in hindsight. Gambians have patiently held their deep breath for too long and willed away any judgmental thoughts about Yaya Jammeh in the past. Yaya Jammeh’s disastrous policies have exposed a wellspring of brewing discontent, marching to an inevitable coronation. The country is bound with host of numerous uncontrollable headwinds of problems —  because of disastrous policies that have been cumulating for so long. It doesn’t matter how much (Getting Ready To Sleep TV) tries to paint a different picture of the opposition, the actual facts cannot be replaced with convenient narratives. The regime is tainted with series of catastrophic miscalculations —especially in emotionally charged sensitive subject matters that have engulfed our country. Yaya Jammeh is a bully who has made his mission to erase our founder’s legacy, reversing so many of the PPP good policies that it might appear— as if he was a mere footnote to history and they haven’t done any good for the past 30 years in power. He is literally ill-equipped to handle a changing economy, undercut our rights and he does not have a single solution for all the problems he has created for our country.

Meanwhile, disproportionate numbers of Gambians are dying in backway, only handful of students are passing WAEC exam, our elders being arrested by the regime and our country continues to dominated with wall-to-wall deflated feeling of bad news. For all of the bad things that Yaya Jammeh have introduced in our country, it’s worth looking into again to avoid— Gambia ever experiencing such madness again. Everything about Gambia now, is just so sad for one to keep dry eyes reading through stories of our people. There is nothing good that Yaya Jammeh can offer us because— he has burned through all the string of little trust left reserved for him. The well-rounded dictatorship experience has torn our country apart and our countrymen struggling. Gambians tired looking for a gray of humility in an increasingly politicized Yaya Jammeh’s mind, but it’s now clear after 22 years, everything about him is only black and white for him. Its every Gambians duty to turned their other— cheek willfully and deliberately away from Yaya Jammeh for the good of our republic.

For sure, the economy isn’t working for clear majority of Gambians— except for Yaya Jammeh and his smug elites of bandits — whom are dedicated to dismantling our institutions. This has been on full display the last twenty years and the regimes policies only perpetuates more hardship for Gambians. Our country certainly needs change and increasing numbers of ordinary people — want something different. Yaya Jammeh has gotten too mean and too rough to be trusted with the presidency again. Gambia cannot ultimately afford another 5 years of Yaya Jammeh’s catastrophe — not just for our time, but for generations yet unborn. We are tired of railing against each other because — Yaya Jammeh’s recipe for divisiveness— has successfully exacerbated many people into self-segregated bubbles for various reasons. We are ready for a fresh start and a new beginning. We are looking forward to return of our values again to bridge all the divisiveness and uproot all the seeds of divisions. Those values that made our country to be once hailed for its utopian promise of connecting people with values of goodness, who would otherwise be strangers. Let’s vote for change with Adama Barrow. The coalition is out touring  today and its time to support them.

By habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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