Gambia: Here’s why you might want to turn your face away and say a big “NO” to Yaya Jammeh’s offer of leadership December 1st .

Yaya Jammeh could get the surprise of his life thinking he could use the sins of parochialism to  ride them into permanent command of the presidency. In our nation’s short history since independence, Yaya Jammeh’s regime have manage to erase everything our founders worked very hard for—  with a sea-changing disastrous unexpected toxic outcome, that put us through —  stressful hesitations, limitations of our potentials, brought about failures — some outright stupidity and some ill faith, exploit our political divisions in ways many of us have not expected to happen in our lifetimes. Indeed 2016 photographic expressions alone, will be written by historians as one of the most calamitous —  tense, high anxiety, unsettling year that keep putting Gambia to its knee —as Yaya Jammeh’s aggression nibbles and gnashes all around the edges of the river Gambia. Then, just as things were returning to an even keel or when Gambians begin to find a little solace in something, Yaya Jammeh does something unbelievable again to untenable our country to dust off itself.  This is rather ironic because he ceased our country in 1994 and promised to transcendent everything he does today.

Making matters even more worst, one of the more disadvantages outcomes is—   Gambian’s relations with world has plummeted to depths so dangerous that— the  world political policies ,begins knocking off many of our citizens off their ambitions ladder whiles  stampeding others to their death.  At the heart of many of our polarizing national issues is a sense of fear and anger brought by the regime of Yaya Jammeh — that is now a living experience for many of us in our lifetime. This is just one of the  issues that our political parties which formed the coalition have been fighting to correct— decades of disastrous policies, overcome many injustices and  at the same time advocating more broadly to level the playing fail  for all Gambians. They couldn’t control everything that Yaya Jammeh does because he fortified himself with the military and gave himself all the powers to decide everything. Whether it was standing on the front lines to  block Yaya Jammeh’s exploitation of — families , children in school,  taking away generations farmlands, forcing civil servants to work in the fields,  jailing innocent Gambians , exiling citizens,  using our community resources without sharing benefits with communities,  pursuing citizens  of fairness and justice, the opposition leaders behind the coalition, stood up for dignity of every Gambia throughout hard times.

These are many of the few reasons that drove them to form a coalition because they know — every issue  no matter now little it is, it cannot be dismissed, or minimize. When Gambians in our communities were attacked because of  their tribe, what they stood for, who they are, who they love or what they believe, the opposition has always stand with them and priorities Gambian issues more than their own need . The coalition have stand shoulder to shoulder with Gambians, in the face of a common adversity of the people. Most of our underlying divisions we see today— in our thoughts and beliefs, are because of bad policies that were strategically cooked up by Yaya Jammeh. Those toxic policies where intentionally placed within our communities—  to pitch Gambians against one another, intentionally left some of our communities out of development bandwagon, create misunderstanding and made it easier for us to turn against each other, whiles Yaya Jammeh is left out of sight.

Those were the day-day divisions the regime priorities instead of working hard to add to our nation’s achievement in its short history. They have lost the opportunity now because 22 years is enough. Rather than working together with Gambians to build a shared understanding and achieved an agreed vision for the future, they began—  dehumanizing people and enacting policies that made many to lost their lives in backway journey. Thus, many families continue to suffer and future feels uncertain for many except death. How long can we live under a regime that our makes our fears and nightmare come true? Yaya Jammeh continues to compete with ordinary market vendors after rewarding himself of every good thing the country has. It does not end there with him, he continues balkanizing our societies and basing our nations fortunes on identity politics, thinking he could ride those forever into a permanent command of the presidency.

Moreover, his policy proposals of his own version Islamic State, divisive rhetoric, world views based base on worst of the past generations, are not want we desire as a nation nor want we want him to peruse on our behalf. However, our brave astute politicians and leaders coming together to form a coalition, gives us only one chance for hope for the future, and the profoundest cause to end dictatorship peacefully. They have policies that give every Gambian problem— a seat at the table so that we all have a fair opportunity to make a decent living and take care of our families. Gambians are ready to shake off the political bonds of dictatorship forged by Yaya Jammeh which is built on the resentments of the past centuries and it does not align with our values. As well-intentioned, we are determined to take our country back peacefully. The truth is that Yaya Jammeh has nothing more to offer except instability from 2017 and beyond. His views are without clarity and neither do we have confidence in him to find nuance. They are reminiscent of the worst people from the centuries past. Let’s give him the Red Card. Vote for Adama Barrow only.

By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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